Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fr. Paul Marx

Fr. Paul Marx, the priest hailed as the apostle of the pro-life movement and founder of Human Life International died March 20 at 89 years old.  I'm surprised that most of the bloggers  I read on a regular basis haven't taken note - I'm sure memorials will follow once the work-week gets going.  Fr. Marx began making a name for himself in 1981, at the time I barely gave a second thought to the abortion issue, therefore my first impression of him back then was that he was sort of a traditionalist fanatic.  As it turns out, he was indeed an apostle, as well as a prophet.  May he rest in peace.
Fr. Paul Marx, Founder of Human Life International, Passes Away
HLI's Fr. Thomas Euteneuer: "Because of Fr. Paul Marx, the world has a pro-life movement"


  1. May he rest in peace.
    A man who suffered for speaking the truth...vilified within his own Church because he dared to stand up for the lives of the innocent and vulnerable. Maybe he was "over the top"...a lot of saints were considered hysterical, too. So what?
    This man lived a "white martyrdom" for many, many years and we have a lot to be grateful for, in his rantings and ravings:<)!

  2. Thanks Father - then you know what I am talking about - when I said I thought he was a fanatic - I only got those ideas from my priest and religious friends at the time. As for the abortion issue back then - I never gave it a second thought - it simply wasn't on my radar screen. Very sad.

  3. I'm not sure, but didn't he also write that expose of homosexuality in the priesthood which appeared in the Wanderer back in the late 1970's? The one that already had information about Geoghan which supposedly only was brought to light nearly 30 years later?
    If anyone is a long time Wanderer reader and has more information abou this, I'd like to know.

    I also looked at that article and thought, hate filled, sensationalist traditionalist, sort of like those people who saw communists everywhere....

    I was naive.
    Susan Peterson

  4. Maria3:45 PM

    Padre--white martrydom, exactly!

  5. Aww. I did not know he died. I loved Fr Marx. Met him many times. He was a suffering saint for his work -- which is Christ's work. May he rest in peace.


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