Friday, March 19, 2010

Pelosi: Today We Pray To St. Joseph The Worker For This "Life-Affirming Legislation"

Isn't she somethin' though.


  1. And she says it without batting an eyelash or wiping that smirk off her face... Oh! Wait! It must be the Botox!

    St. Joseph, pray for her conversion.

  2. I cannot remember the last time I have wanted to go Torquemada on someone this much.

  3. Paging Fr. Amorth, please pick up the House phone Fr Amorth!

  4. With that obnoxious little smile perpetually adorning her face, she's ghastlier than the Joker from Batman. Then she goes off, again invoking the Catholic faith to advance her pro-abortion health reform. Does this fiend know no bottom? Is there a cause she wont prostitute herself for? It's UNBELIEVABLE how an esurient hunger for power can turn a human being into.

  5. Insane megalomaniac who wants to be written up in history.

    That will happen, to be sure, when the economic collapse of the United States is documented.

  6. Except the feast of St. Joseph the Worker is in MAY to counter the heinous commie May Day.
    TODAY is the Feast of St. Joseph, Guardian and Protector of the Family.

    Pray for us, Guardian of the Most Famous Unborn Baby in History.

  7. Maria7:24 PM

    Terry-- Yes, it IS real. ROFLMAO.

    LarryD--See,Fr. Amorth is just SO BUSY these days, you know, exorcising the Jesuits in Germany.

    Does anybody think we would get out of this without Nancy Pelosi using the Saints for cover, or nuns lobbying for murder on Cavuto ? Hey, isn't all right w/ the world now, huh? It is a new moral universe, with laws of its own.

  8. I felt so peaceful at Mass tonight, after asking St. J to fix this.

  9. Austringer12:19 AM

    All I can say is, weep, weep, weep....

    It has often struck me that at at a time when we need so much reparation for our collective sins as a society, there are so few that understand and see this need.

    There is so much wrong in this news item that I just don't know what to do but pray...

  10. I believe what we are watching here is a woman from the schismatic American Catholic Church, expressing their heretical views.


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