Thursday, March 18, 2010

The day before a Solemnity.

Aa if abstaining from meat is such a harsh penance.
If memory serves me, in times past the day before a Solemnity or major feast day was observed as a day of fast and abstinence - I believe members of religious third orders continue the custom for patronal feasts and so on.
This Thursday is the vigil of the feast of St. Joseph, a Solemnity falling on a Friday Lent.  As noted on other more authoritative websites, the discipline of fast and abstinence is therefore suspended - in other words, Catholics may eat meat this Friday.
I don't care either way, but obviously some of the more pious amongst us really enjoy their meat dishes.
Do you suppose the people eagerly looking forward to eating meat this Friday would fast and abstain from meat in preparation for St. Joseph's day anyway?
Just wondering.


  1. I didn't know we were dispensed; I had already bought my groceries. Lemon pepper scampi over whole-wheat angel hair, anyone?

  2. "Roza Ferox"7:46 AM

    I left a big "thank you" in a previous post, for the prayers people who read your blog, have offered for me, in my time of some extreme suffering of body but also in temptations to despair over my confessor abandoning me. I know it is meant by God, this way, and I am grateful for the prayers, thoughts, and also the humor and artistry of this blog.

    As for meat, I don't much eat it, anyway, although I didn't know about the reprieve from fasting on a Solemnity in a Friday of Lent. I fast from meat on all Fridays since I always admired that about Catholics. When I converted, I was saddened to find out Catholics no longer fast from meat on Fridays other than Lent. I decided I would, anyway, as I thought it outstanding of Catholics to honor the Passion in this way. One truly does stop to think about Jesus, and it is very easy to forget to do some other act of love and sacrifice. Food speaks!

  3. "Roza Ferox"7:48 AM

    By the way, I had been using "anonymous", although we are asked not to. Sorry. I have been cyberbullied on my blogs, and so am low on Catholic Trust! I offer my alias name now, at least.

  4. Friday: Bring on the bacon. LOL! :)

    I love St. Joseph's feast. :)

  5. We're having our corned beef and cabbage today a day late for St. Paddy's Day since Wednesdays we abstain from meat anyway...kinda got it backwards (because we do abstain on the vigil of solemnities) but the calendar determined our menu this year:<)!
    And yes, we're eating meat tomorrow.
    St. Joseph is our patron and we have to feast!

  6. Melody - I'll take scampi and pasta any day!

    Roza - you are welcome here.

    Fr. - as religious you are deprived anyway - so enjoy your meat. LOL!

    SF - Bacon, bacon, bacon!

    All - I'm just trying to stir things up here anyway!

  7. Roza, current fasting rules are widely misunderstood; everyone remembers that it's okay to eat meat on Friday outside of Lent but forgets that they're supposed to substitute another form of penance. I can't tell you how many times I've been accused of being early for Lent. I don't know where you are, but in St. Paul, the Archbishop has asked us to join him in fasting from meat year-round for the intention of fostering vocations.

  8. I am a border-line vegetarian so going without meat is not a real hardship for me..and I see a nice sushi dinner as not really being a penance.. :)

    But yeah I know plenty of folks who feel that not having meat is like kicking them when they're down..

    The fast days trip me up as I take a B vitamin supplement twice a day that really causes an upset stomach if not taken with a fair amount of food..but I do what I can..


  9. Sara, it must be past my bedtime; I read that you have to take your B with a fair amount of blood...but if fasting would be counterproductive for medical reasons can't you substitute another penance? You should talk to your pastor.

    I'm having shrimp scampi tomorrow; I was raised on the traditional lenten filet-o-fish and not eating meat isn't a hardship for me; the hardship is that sometimes I have to explain to others why I'm not eating meat.


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