Friday, March 19, 2010

How transparent.

File under "bad habits".
Thanks DJ and JP.


  1. uh..yeah..

    Gentlemen...If you are wearing a garment that even closely resembles a dress, and it is white...might I suggest a garment that us ladies lovingly refer to as a "slip"....leggings might do in a pinch...

    And on the same subject matter...for those manly men who wear kilts ( and I would NEVER ask a good Irishman what he wears under his kilt)...for the sake of all the innocent minds (and impressionable young ladies) out there--please know that there is a proper way to sit in a kilt...and beware the capricious breezes at the St Paddy's Day parade...


  2. Sara - my friend who sent me the photo suggested just that, a slip. There were no problems when the habits were actually wool - and breeches were worn.

  3. Wait. For the love of all that is holy...

    Some priests wear cassocks/habits SANS pants?!!!
    Oh. Snap.

    I remember talking to a priest friend of mine once and I said something (jokingly, sort of) to the effect of, "I love seeing priests in cassocks. Priests who wear pants look oddly protestant to me."
    He replied with a smile, "Well, priests in cassocks are wearing pants, too."

  4. I can understand habits not being made of wool in warmer climates...or Chicago in the middle of the summer :)

    Or if they're anyting like the hot-blooded men I work with who have to keep the heat /A/C at about 60 degrees because they're burning up in their suits...

    I find wool impossible to wear..even my itty bitty beloved brown scapular itches me to death...



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