Tuesday, February 09, 2010

St. Roch

I finished the panel - well I finished the figures and I'm still glazing and adding details to the background.  I say I finish a piece when I sign it - that means if I died, I wouldn't object if people saw the panel.  I actually think I like it - at one point I was deeply moved while painting it - which is scary because that means I'm attached.  Being attached is scary because you can be afraid to make corrections. 

The history of St. Roch/Rocco is in dispute - but I ignore such things - I venerate the saints as I know them - or as tradition has taught.
Anyway - I may post him on "Up Your Street" in the next day or two.  Unless I fall into deep depression and cut my ear off.  I wish it was as good as the above photo.  Now I'm wondering if it may not be the worst painting I ever did.
Tuesday schedule:  When I'm not painting I will be removing snow.


  1. Rats!

    I would really like to comment on this post, but my mind is a blank canvas.


  2. Terry--

    A lesson I learned not so long ago concerning my music (and I am not a professional in any way)..I was very much the perfectionist...ESPECIALLY if I was going to be playing music for Mass..I would practice my guitar until my fingers were raw and tear myself to shreads when I messed up...yet I had no qualms casually strumming any little ditty that came to my head at an airport or a local park for pocket change...

    What finally hit me that folks LIKED the music, whether it was perfect or not..I would get comments on how a song touched them in a particular sort of way..so I had a long sit down with my self--why do I create music?? Yes I enjoy it for myself but I also enjoy brightening other's day...and in THAT case they are the judge of its quality not me...

    I like your art because it speaks to me...something I would enjoy having in my house.


  3. Sara - that's the best lesson anyone ever taught me. Thanks very, very much!

  4. +JMJ+

    There is so much dignity in the beggar's face and bearing, Terry. He reminds me of a priest lifting the chalice at the Consecration.

  5. Enbrethiliel - I know - see - you catch that stuff.

  6. Austringer7:05 PM

    Enbrethiliel, there is so much dignity in the beggar's face and bearing, that I didn't see him as a beggar at all. I thought that this was some kind of devotional or penitential act -- kneeling on the hard concrete. When I first read your comment, then, I thought you were referring to Terry's painting, not the photo.


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