Sunday, February 07, 2010

Nurses Uniforms

Kat wants to dress more professionally when she gets her first nursing job...  Angela has offered her services as personal fashion coordinator, and Cathy has made herself available for hair and make-up.  Digit will be standing by to handle all the malpractice suits.  And of course, dear Fr. R. will take care of the ones who don't make it through recovery.
Shown here:  Vintage German military nurse uniform - very nice, very modest.


  1. Well, I do know a little bit about military fashion now...

  2. That nurse's outfit is just darling! It melds so beautifully with the (human?) body part accessory. Are you sure it's German? I'm sensing a little bit of Viking-couture.

    Now why can't celebrities wear stuff like this to the Grammy's?

    Perhaps it's not the outfit. I think I'm being influenced by that hotty of a nurse who would probably look just as gorgeous wearing a Hefty trash bag (perhaps even better).

  3. amanda3:11 AM

    uhmmmm, what exactly is she holding?

  4. Her attire can pass as a Big Bertha butcher's uniform bringing a piece of meat to a meat market. ;-)

  5. LOL!
    Now THAT'S a nurses' uniform!
    And could it a severed arm in her hand?

  6. Hahahaha!


  7. Terry will be providing psychological counseling via the employee assistance program!

    Hey, with his rates, it was all we could afford!



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