Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Hopey, changey?" - Who talks like that?

Legally blonde.
I just don't get it.  Palin talks and acts exactly like a small town high school cheerleader.  I doubt it is just feminists who find her annoying.  How many professional women talk like that?  Aside from Elle Woods of course - but she's a frothy little movie character for tweens.  I have to wonder if a female attorney who talked like that defending a client in court, using notes written on the palm of her hand, would be taken seriously?
Hopey, changey, and dopey.  There are no decent politicians in the United States.


  1. oh geez, i am at sea too with the lack of Ace-high approach to presenting d'em ideas of hers. my golly gosh, she's between the hayess and grasses, if u catch me drift with d'at sorta delivery! Ya kinda crave that she would hanker towards cutting a swell with us folks. But with that all sayd'n done, i juz don't care a continental, she's juz playing to the gallery ....

  2. Hey!

    There is nothing wrong with Sarah Palin that attending the True Mass and some Traditional Catechism can't cure.

    She is a girly girl, just like my wife. Feminine to the end.

    She's a baby maker; an old fashioned American girl.

    A bear attacking her children? No problem. That's him stuffed and mounted.

    Need something for dinner? She can skin and gut the fish her husband caught.

    After seeing butched out she-men with high and tight Marine haircuts in faded levi's with tennis shoes on, this little Mammacita has my vote.

    She's the kind of gal for real men.

    Sarah for President? She's just what we need to keep those Capitol Hill faggots in line>

    God bless los Estados Unidos.


  3. I lovelovelove Sarah but not for prez.

  4. Pablo:

    You have happened upon what I think fascinates people. She has not sacrificed her fecundity, if you will.I cheer not for her success in the poltical arena. Trust me. But you have really zeroed in on something. Men have become feminized and women have become masculinized. It is what happens when one tinkers with God' s design. Look what contraception/abortion and homosexuality hath wrought. It isn't pretty, is it?

  5. Dear Miss Maria,

    Sin never is pretty.

    A woman should be so lost in God, that in order for a man to find her, he must find Him first.

    Us men need to step up to the plate and marry women or become Priest. We are not here to be single, we are here to procreate and re-populate Heaven. Those that are not able to have children should raise those children that have lost their parents.

    Mrs. Palin is President material. Who ever said you have to be qualified to get the job?

    God bless Mrs. Palin, and may God grant her the grace to find the True Faith.

    God bless you also, Miss Maria.

    Today, Wednesday February 10th, in 1929, Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio was Martyred. He was 14 years old. Please say a Hail Mary in his Honor. Many thanks.



  6. Pablo: "A woman should be so lost in God, that in order for a man to find her, he must find Him first". That is so very beautiful. I will look Jose Sanchez up. Many thanks. God Bless.

  7. Dear Miss Maria,

    Thank you.

    I went to Sahuayo, Mexico to visit the remains of Blessed Jose.

    If you should require more detailed information on this child, my blog has my web site address; in the Estorias Catolics section, therein is a listing for Beato Jose Sanchez del Rio, with a few of the photos I took there.

    If you like, I can be contacted at marcosandolini333 at yahoo dot com

    I would like to have the faith of this little boy. He was taken to the graveyard and turned upside down, and dunked in a well, that he may renounce Christ. He and his fellow Cristeros never did.

    Viva Cristo Rey!


  8. I recall her speaking before McCain. I had never experienced such a level of someone talking yet not saying anything. And every time someone confronted her with something to prove or disprove, it came again --the Huh? Seriously, picture the change of buzz if this woman looked like Bella Abzug. Same for the man who *won* the Nobel Peace Prize, for doing worse than nothing. Dazzle.

  9. LeoRufus9:08 AM


    I noticed your veneration of the Mexican martyrs. Visited your blog and note you are a friend of Father Pfeiffer (Timothy), I attended a chapel in El Paso where his brother Father Joseph Pfeiffer was. At this chapel we had may descendents and refugees of Cristeros - one a 90 year old Senor Maldonado was a nephew of the Saint Father Maldonado. Thank you for your blog.

  10. LeoRufus11:39 AM

    Anyway, back on topic: I do work with women who are moms, can hunt game (deer, elk), dress them and cook them, carry concealed and are gorgeous. So I do understand that demographic since that is a major one in Nevada, Utah and Idaho. But Sarah Palin she quit her job (AK Governor) under the criticism instead of standing ground - and did it to do photo ops and pressers. That is too much politician for me. She lost all that huntin' woman mystique she brought with her to the Repub Convention and became just another celebrity with bad press. And her daughter and ex-fiance are a scandal. Being preggers but engaged was one thing, but now they are just a buncha hillbillies with too much money - that's another demographic in Nevada, Utah and Idaho. I won't cast the first stone, but where is the line to throw the second one? They should not even pretend to be family values like other Republicans no w infamous in the news - at least democrats like John Edwards don't have a family values card they tried to play unlike Gov. Sanford of SC and Gov. Palin with her daughter drama. They are a disgrace to the conservative cause.

  11. I'm residing in Arizona.

    Mrs. Palin looks pretty good from where I stand.

    We have losers like Senator John McCain and J.D. Hayworth.

    "We do not believe in Pork" translates to we are not going to do anything to bring money or jobs to Arizona. Our State is 2.5 Billion dollars in the hole.

    At least Mrs. Palin brought home the bacon to Alaska and her hometown.

    Her people are not like us, a bunch of beggars walking around with a tin cup and a handful of pencils for sale.

    Sometimes our children bring us pride, sometimes shame. Pray for Mrs. Palin and her family.

    She is going to be our next President.


  12. Anonymous3:06 PM

    She has raised a family and been a governor. She should fit right in in the gallery of presidential characters. We could do worse by trying to do "better".


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