Saturday, January 09, 2010

Totally bizarre...

So last night I clicked on WDTPRS blog and suddenly there was sound!  I do not subscribe or ever listen to podcasts but last night there was sound on fr. Z's blog - it was a Connie Francis song.  (How old is Fr. Z anyway?)  Then!  Then!  Fr. Z's voice comes on like a station identification thing!  Oh! Oh!  And then after that, some Chinese thing comes on - like a Chinese guy being strangled or something.  No kidding.  No I wasn't drunk or on drugs.  I have to admit the Z man does have a great voice for radio - but what a freaky way to find that out, huh?
BTW, you can follow Father on Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, etc.  You can also register as a follower of Father's blog if you care to take the time to do so.  I do not follow him but he is one blog I check a couple of times a day.  I never went to the trouble to register or subscribe however, since he's in my favorites and that works well for me.  Oh!  And don't forget the awards are coming up - voting is going on - you can even vote for Father once a day every day if you like.  Like the Democrats said in the last election, "Be sure and vote and vote often!"
"Let another praise you - not your own mouth; someone else, not your own lips." - Proverbs 27: 2
Art: Detail, Edward VI and the Pope: An Allegory of the English Reformation


  1. Yeah, me too. I put the "mute" switch on.
    If I don't wanna listen to it..well...
    And I believe that quote came from the great "state" of Chicago (being a former Illinois resident, I do tend to know these things!)...the great state of POTUS (but I'm not political here, atall, no, no way....:<)!)

  2. I admit I don't go there anymore. (Mom is still a faithful reader though.)

    Humans should be very, very cautious when dealing with even the slightest "fame" or recognition, ESPECIALLY religious humans.
    I don't have to name names of "famous" religious who've fallen in the past couple of years.

    One thing I've noticed about the priests I'm most attracted to (NOT IN THAT WAY) is that they are extremely humble and quiet and often shy. Funny, because I'm the opposite, haha. But there are several priests at my parish who, when meeting you on the steps, will smile a little and bow their heads and almost whisper "Good morning."
    I love that. And they are such good, quiet, calm confessors, just stewing in humility and desire to serve the Lord.



  3. Wait a minute, Terry, was almost in Zchat?!? I'm sorry that I fell asleep at 10:00. I would've enjoyed that.

  4. Terry - I'm going to nominate your blog at the awards site - it will be good for you. LOL :-)

  5. Ok - now I must go over and see (hear?) this for myself.

    Father Z is on the bottom of my already over-burdened Google reader. I may get there once a week, if that...

  6. LOL! Holy shit did I laugh.
    Terry, will you marry me?

  7. No Kat - you have too many followers and we would fight all of the time. But I will accompany you to Malta if you like.



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