Monday, January 04, 2010

11 Pipers Piping

So anyway, if I walked into a room and people were smoking dope in pipes and I got high just by breathing - would it still be a sin?  And if they were watching a movie - say the "Sound of Music" - and I stayed to watch it too, and kept breathing it in, would that be bad?


  1. Terry, If you are watching the Sound of Music while high on dope, you will probably stand on your feet, sing duet and act with Julie Andrews w/o inhibitions. You feel you're floating in lala land. LOL

    I think if you don't know what is a dope and don't know what's the effect of it by breathing, you are innocent and not committing sin.

  2. okay Master T ... the picture ... where did you get it? Is this picture of a "Higher Education" hashish/opium test program that was launched secretly w/project MKULTRA ...
    ...(LOL) oy

  3. Father - I'm sure you know I'm just being silly.

    PML - I'm bad - I grabbed the photo without reference. Maybe it is a study!

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    If your local bishop asks you not to go into the room, but a cardinal travels to your diocese and goes into the room, what then?

    Do you follow the visiting cardinal or the advice of the local bishop?

    The cardinal is better looking, more charismatic, learned, and higher ranked in terms of honors. Who do you follow?

    Catholic Answers, please answer.

  5. SF: Is this a veiled reference to you-know-where???:<)!!

  6. I've always thought the Cardinal was a good-looking guy too. LOL! Anyway - I find it so strange he did what he did - went where he went - when the Austrian Church - his real responsibility BTW - is in modernist shambles.

  7. Oh, and as to the "moral" implications of this scenario:
    there is formal cooperation (which means you helped with consent and approval) and material cooperation (which means you were somehow related to the incident but did not give consent).
    A real conundrum for the moral manuals, no?
    I mean, did you WANT to get high, even if you didn't inhale (from the pipe, that is):<)!!

  8. ...and what if it was a sincere sacrifice for the "common good" as in a scientific/sociological experiment that "might" help zillions of people w/drug addictions ...

    T - I keep looking at the attire and hair cuts of those in this picture ... also noted the male/female ratio too ... but cannot see one corn cob pipe!

  9. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I don't see how you two think I was speaking of the "situation" in the Mostar diocese!


  10. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Larry, if you want more blog comments you must mention the "situation" in the Mostar diocese at least once a week...:>

  11. Maria1:03 PM

    Well, it is OK to vicariously inhale. But you will meet eternal damnation in the end. You will find no surcease from: I am 16 going on 17. Forever and ever.

  12. Terry: You hit it on the head.
    Why, why is Card. Shoenborn in M. when he has so much to do in his own archdiocese?
    Like I said before, I think very highly of this man; he was the mentor of the prof. I learned the CCC from; I think that this a wonderful, holy and inspired document.
    But this?
    I can't figure this out.
    Maybe I shouldn't. I should just pray.


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