Friday, January 08, 2010

The creche at the Cathedral of St. Paul

This is the creche I worked on at the Cathedral - the paintings I did are at the sides, the views through the back windows, and the angels in the loft.  They are difficult to see in the photo - as it should be - they are intended simply as backgrounds.  The shinny rectangular object above Our Lady is a lantern.
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  1. It looks beautiful, Terry. Is it still up? For how long?

  2. Oh, Terry, what a dear creche. The paintings are marvelous.

  3. I see the midnight blue sky!
    Love it!

  4. Thanks everyone. Ray I think Fr. keeps the interior creche - this one - up until February 2.

  5. I need to go by and see it!

  6. Sorry to say I will not be able to see it 'in person'.
    The paintings remind me of Giotto or Fra Angelico...the lines are so simple and the colors are so vivid.


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