Monday, October 05, 2009

Watch this...

Soooo stupid! Click here.
This link reminds me; as time allows, I'll be posting some more thoughts on Medjugorje as well as the Charismatic Renewal.


  1. When I was a new convert I hung out with these charasmatics for ten years. You can only take so much from these people. I hope that those rad trad's get to the new converts before these folks do and I pray like crazy that these people don't infect my newbee parents and brother. I warned my family about them.

    Where there is no obedience or discipline there can be no holyness.

    It gets worse. Just wait till they speak. This is why I keep my "stuff" to myself.

    Hey, how come you charasmatics are never in the confession line?

  2. I'm speechless, which is probably a good thing.

  3. I'm linking to this. I don't know why - I mean, why should I subject others to this horror?


  4. GHASTLY. And I feel bad to some degree because I don't think every priest in this spectacle wanted to be a part of this crap.

  5. Well - I already saw this at Larry's... Awful.

    Go see what I said about our new issue of the Idaho Catholic Register that came today. I'm trying to decide on posting on it since it is a direct hit on a priest. A Marxist type priest - but still a priest.

    As for the Charismatics. There is a charismatic Mass once a month now at the parish we used to attend. We went once and left right after the homily. What a horror. Just what I want to see in Church. A bunch of old ladies shaking their big booties. Ugh! I won't even get started on the liturgical abuses.

  6. go see what I said at Larry's place, not mine ;-)

  7. LeoRufus8:33 AM

    yes, the Medj-heads are very vocal and influential in the Diocese of Las Vegas, Ivan the Seer likes to go to Vegas a lot and preach the Gospa. There are "Pilgrimages" to Medj from Vegas annually, something about this Vegas-Medjugorge connection seems apt, both being major centers of entertainment as well as gambling- gambling of souls.

  8. Adrienne, we converts are like sitting ducks. Charasmatics are nice to us and welcoming to us and they are often the first ones that we meet in a parish and converts can't identify liturgical abuses. Besides they offer a feel good religion. I think they tend to prey on broken people.

    Here's the deal.. where were the cradle Catholics to set us straight? And why were so many of the cradle Catholics who knew the laws of the church participating in such activities?

    As a former pagan /protestant these Masses looked pretty normal to me. What ticks me off is that if you wanna be a pro-testant then go be one but don't "cootie up" my church or force me to participate.

    Those rad- trads may be as haughty and as cold as ice but at least their Mass hasn't been corrupted.

    (Some rad-trads are wonderful people so don't bite me)

  9. Take it easy folks. Everyone practices their faith in their on way. Everyone thinks they have the answers

  10. Before my blogger buddies begin to think that I'm like poor multi- personalitied "Sybil" that last comment ...(Take it easy folks. Everyone practices their faith in their on way. Everyone thinks they have the answers) is from my husband Paul (my own personal blog administrator). He hasn't figured out how to sign in as himself yet. I had better do that for him. As you can see our opinions differ a great deal on this subject. Maybe someone could set the poor dear straight. Be gentle, he's a tender hearted guy. :)


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