Friday, October 09, 2009

Fr. Federico Lombardi: Has anyone ever done a background check on this guy?

Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi told L’Osservatore Romano that President Obama’s reception of the award “is greeted with appreciation by the Vatican” due to his efforts “to promote peace in the international arena, particularly in the recent effort in favor of the nuclear disarmament." - Source


  1. What!? How absurd.

  2. If there is one area of the Church where the "hermeneutic of continuity" perhaps isn't the best way to go, this is it.

    Can you remember Navarro-Valls ever being as out to lunch like this?

  3. Carol2:27 PM

    There are and ever have been odd folks around the Pope, just as there were around Christ. Thankfully, most do not speak for the Pope (who speaks for the Church)--a fact too few people Catholic or otherwise yet realize (or care to realize--to delete gossip from the blogosphere would render the cessation of hundreds of blogs). The Pope whispers in L'Osservatore's ear as often as he whispers in John Allen's.

    It is no wonder that Jesus brought only Peter, James and John into the deeper events.


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