Thursday, October 08, 2009

Snow in the forecast.

This afternoon I'll be busy taking in the trees and placing them in their winter quarters until next spring. I have 3 large Boxwood spirals that have to come in as well - they're very heavy.
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  1. Don't hurt your back. I'm dependent on this blog and need you healthy!

  2. I just brought in my geraniums and potted up some basil. Hey - how's that global warming working for you? We're going to get into the 20's at night. Weird!

  3. That is really beautiful.

  4. Jeffrey - thanks - I let the trees get overgrown for the end of the season and clip them once they adjust indoors. Tje Myrtle tree on the middle step 'died out' last winter - so I pollarded it and it grew back this summer after repotting, feeding and watering - I'm really pleased with it.


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