Saturday, May 16, 2009

St. Simon Stock

May 16 is also the feast of St. Simon Stock, to whom Our Lady gave the Holy Scapular of Mt. Carmel. It is believed by some that children born on this day have a particular devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel and her Holy Habit. To learn more about St. Simon, click here.
(BTW - If any of my readers know where I may obtain a large cord of St. Francis - as the friars and nuns wear, please let me know. Thanks. As a III Order Franciscan, I hope to be buried in one.)


  1. Terry, If you have no MN responses to the cord inquiry, I can ask our TOR Franciscans--one of them might have an extra one, or the monastery might. Or, they'd know where to purchase them. The friars wear black cords, the local TOR sisters, white, does the color matter (actually, the white cord could be dyed?)?

  2. Susan - no one else will respond to this - I'm not Fr. Z or Oprah.

    Anyway - a black cord! I'm excited about that because I'm such a bad tertiary. Would you ask for me? Thanks.

  3. Your a third-order Franciscan?--way cool!

  4. Yes, will ask.

  5. 1. Ask your local fraternity- I assume you're involved in community, right? Right?

    2. Third Order Seculars have the privelege of burial in a habit. Burial habits may be purchased from Franciscan Resources, though you should check with your local Minister to make sure that that custom is observed in your region.

  6. Thom - I don't like habits - I just want a cord - a real one - not a cotton string. I am a layman so I would never wear a habit.

    How was your 3rd order weekend? Did you go out?

  7. Well, your Tau is a habit. ;-)

    The weekend was good- just got home. I'm tarred.And if we don't get some younger people in, the Order will die, literally.

  8. I don't have a Tau - never liked them, I told them to keep it.

  9. Oh dear.

    Talking about habits.... Some regions have permission to wear a brown robe for their fraternity meetings!

    Which is very traditional, if you think about it.


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