Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.
While at adoration Wednesday afternoon, I came upon the words of Our Holy Father Pope John Paul II from his encyclical On the Holy Spirit. I can't go into detail as to how and why I found this passage, except to say it was a stunning illumination, so to speak. Nevertheless, it was quite an ordinary grace since I am normally quite aware of conscience through the Ignatian practice of a sort of partial and particular or closer examine each day. One at noon, the other at bedtime. The Holy Spirit guides and consoles us in this form of prayer through His convincing concerning sin.
"The Gospel's "convincing concerning sin" under the influence of the spirit of truth can be accomplished in man in no other way except through the conscience. If the conscience is upright, it serves to "resolve according to truth the moral problems which arise both in the life of individuals and from social relationships"; then "persons and groups turn aside from blind choice(s) and try to be guided by the objective standards of moral conduct". A result of an upright conscience is, first of all, to call good and evil by their proper name..." - Dominum et Vivificantem
I understood this is why contemporary culture is so anxious to normalize immoral behaviors and lifestyles, in order to dull the conscience of individuals and society, blocking any "convincing concerning sin". And this is a cause for concern precisely because it can lead to the most unforgivable sin of all, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
"If man rejects the "convincing concerning sin" which comes from the Holy Spirit and which has the power to save, he also rejects the "coming" of the Counsellor - that "coming" which was accomplished in the Paschal Mystery, in union with the redemptive power of Christ's Blood: the Blood which "purifies the conscience from dead works". - Dominum et Vivificantem


  1. Amen Terry.

    Also makes me think of silly people like Oprah and her guruguy and their talk of Jesus (just a normal none divine guy) who came to show us the Christ consciousness; came to show us how to be more fully human.

    I also think of her saying that as a thinking Christian she does not believe Christianity is the only way to God (who is after all only essence of our collective conscience). It's arguable whether or not she is thinking but based on her espoused ideology she is certainly not Christian. However she and her guruguy have had a huge impact on world hungering not for truth but for excuse for permission to go and sin some more while being able to call it anything but sin.

    Jesus said, rather un-relativistically, "I am the Way, the Life and the Truth..." Poor Relativists, it's not our truths that set us free but THE Truth. Bad ol'Church for sticking up for what it can't change eh?

  2. I agree Owen. Poor Oprah she has gained the whole world but is in danger of losing her soul in the process.


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