Friday, May 15, 2009

San Isidro Labrador

St. Isidore the Farmer.
His feast day is May 15.
St Isidore married Maria Torribia, a canonized saint, who is known as Santa María de la Cabeza in Spain because her head (cabeza in Spanish) is often carried in procession, especially during droughts. Isidore and Maria had one son, who died in his youth. On one occasion their son fell into a deep well and, at the prayers of his parents, the water of the well is said to have risen miraculously to the level of the ground, bringing the child with it, alive and well. Isidore and Maria then vowed continence and lived in separate houses. - Source

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  1. LeoRufus7:46 AM

    Well, I wonder what Christopher West would have to say about this????


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