Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

"The spirit of the world consists essentially in the denial in the supreme dominion of God, a denial which is manifested in practice by sin and disobedience; thus it is principally opposed to the spirit of Christ, which is also that of Mary." - The Secret of Mary

"You, I am sure, as I am, are faced often with very dark moments.
We live in a scary era.
My heart quails sometimes.
The Rosary, with its glorious mysteries, can be of help.
In reading the great liturgist Romano Guardini in The Rosary of Our Lady, actually on the third glorious mystery, I found this… just as an illustration of how we are not in fact trapped within the prison of the world: The Holy Ghost is also sent to us. Through his coming we are no longer orphans. He is with us, if only we ourselves will stay with him. He leads our lives through all that is concealed, but we must leave our hand in his. If we beseech him and open ourselves up to him with heart and soul, he shows us how to know Christ, and in Christ ourselves. But where darkness prevails – because our earthly life is hardened – he gives us a divine “nevertheless,” as Paul says, “testimony to our spirit that we are sons of God,” and the certainty that “for those who love God all things work together unto good” (Rom 8:16, 28)”. - Source

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  1. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Beautiful reflection.
    This blog, too, has been posting on Our Lady:


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