Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friends through thick and thin.

Yesterday I had lunch with a couple of friends from my group - we have all been friends since grade school. I consider them to be my very close friends, closer than family: Married with children, Catholic, and Italian. Just a couple of us are single, and white. It was fun to get together with them, but the time went way too fast.


  1. Wait a minute: you left the house!?!

    No wonder there was so much chatter on the police scanner.

  2. Are you saying Italians aren't white? (Sometimes I feel that way about the Portuguese in my parish - they don't call us "white" but they call us "da English" even though most of us aren't.)

  3. Angela, No - I'm just kidding - I was blond growing up.

  4. I've heard of Italians talking about "white people" and not including themselves among them.


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