Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ryan Seacrest found on a piece of toast...

I saw this very same image on a piece of toast and had to draw it - I was so hungry, I ate it... with psychedelic peanut butter of course - you know - that stuff from Georgia.


  1. David9:17 AM

    Just 2 questions, Terry:
    1. Is he single?
    2. What's his phone number?
    :) PAX

  2. Hey , great job Terry . Nice work.
    You should have made him look Catholic though. Maybe with a saint medal on his neck or a scapular, or even a tattoo of the BVM on his bicep.

    For lent I am going on the Georgia peanut diet. I'm gonna suffer, and LIKE IT. No chocolate peanuts either. GRRRRR !!! Totally hard core.

  3. David - call American Idol.

    Belinda - great idea. I'll be on a vodka diet.


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