Thursday, February 19, 2009

Maybe I'll try cartoons?

Maybe not.


  1. Terry This is good! Do try cartoons! What a hoot.

  2. Ya think? I need to find a good style - and a better way to do captions.

  3. terry, this is very good in style.

  4. I think you are trying to tell me something. ;-)

    I like this.

  5. Thanks y'all. Cath - you know this is not about you.

  6. Looks suspicially like me ('cept I would not be caught dead in that jumper) while Father (zzzzer wasshis name) checks his iPhone. LOL!

  7. Ok Terry SOMEHOW SOMEWAY you and I have to get together for Catholic comics of a different kind. I do pen and ink and have an irreverent sense of humor that is just DYING to roast Joan Chittister and company...PLEASE use me!!!! LOL should see my collection on the stages of formation in the Sisterhood of Holy Discipline, the habit alone, modeled by Sister Humiliata and Sister Dominata will make you drop in your tacks (though I have to say it was not appreciated by the President of their Congrgegation, Sister Mena Pauss, but then her age is screwing with her sense of humor).

  8. David - I'll print your cartoons if they are not too - you know...

    Email me - go to my profile - click email.

  9. What??? MOI???? Too..."you know"??? Whatever do yuo mean?

    I will have to find them (St. Anthony pray f or us), scan them, etc and may take a while. But THANKS.

  10. I think that your cartoon is correct. My mom use to "check out" by reading romance novels everyday ,and for many years. My mother in law would cook all day - for fun,and she would tell her kids to go out ,and play ,but she wouldn't see them from morning till dark. Some moms drink. I would make art projects, and create blueprints- always with children beside me. I have always checked out with them within my eyesight, and earshot. I also think that what God calls me to do isn't the same as what he asks from you, and I believe that I was, and am supposed to blog at least for now. Remember I didn't want to?
    My dear husband has decided about two months ago, and he reiterated last week that he actually DOES want to spend some time TALKING WITH ME, and he is now willing to talk about what I want to talk about - his idea.
    Unbelievable the growth that he too has made. This has been an amazing breakthrough. My verbal skills, my social skills, my grammar,my computer skills, and my spelling have improved. My self esteem has picked up too. Sure I suck ,and I am sinful, but generally no worse than the next person. Yeah, I know few make it ,but I am trying.
    You see not speaking much , but continually working for 28 years at some point becomes unhealthy.
    Some day after I beat my social anxiety . I will talk to people in person, but until then I prefer to avoid them. I am doing better though. I'm a regular "Bob Villa", and I got fed up with gossips, and repairing my girlfriends bathroom tiles or helping them to sterilize their homes, or worse yet babysitting.

    Lastly. Blogging is very "Charismatic" if it doesn't flow , and you find yourself floundering , and wasting time then that isn't something that God wants you to say. If it rolls off of the key board and you proceed very quickly then it was by his divine hand that you blog . My children are not being neglected either. I am very efficient , and I can do many things at the same time. Remember I am a type "A" overachiever.
    Please don't tell me that I am going to hell anymore for my blogging or for my sins, I already know that I am, besides my gluttony will send me there faster than blogging, and it makes me feel so bad when you remind me.
    You ,and Mr. Leo ,have been a blessing , and it's been a real pleasure to learn from you both.
    I love bloggers, and think that the group of people that I have had the pleasure of blogging with are wonderful people.
    It is not my intention to make you mad, or cause a fight but to say that I agree with your cartoon, and I am trying to do better.

    Peace brother Terry.

  11. That's great--keep doing the cartoons!


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