Wednesday, January 21, 2009


" The Apotheosis of Father X" T. Nelson
Crayon on paper. Detail.
I had hoped Kinko's could scan this piece (16"x20"), but the largest item they do is 11"x17", otherwise it would have to go through a roller process, which could damage the piece. Therefore I did my own scan. This detail of a full figure, smoking a cigar, floating away in the sky with inflated balloons, is the result. (That actually happened to a priest.)


  1. Crayon on paper--geeze, I could never do that with crayon's! But I want to see the cigar!

  2. I really like all your work. It is so imaginative ...

    With a large piece you may just want to take a picture of it. Much easier and the results will often be better than a scan...

  3. Thanks Tara and Adrienne.

  4. Oh Tara - crayon is just a snooty way of saying coloured pencils.

  5. Just like Mary Poppins !!!

    Only it didn't end so well. Poor soul.

  6. Terry:
    Colored pencils--shessh, my favorite medium. I love your header on this blog, perhaps one day soon, I'll try my hand at crayons to that picture.


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