Monday, July 21, 2008


I was just going through my old posts looking for something on small black capes...


And I skimmed a couple of posts wherein I kind of ranted about other people. Mostly about how people act in church; such as talking in church, chapel veils, genuflecting or not, receiving communion standing or kneeling, in-the-hand or not, and so on and so forth.


1st conclusion: How unbelievably petty and unimportant.


2nd conclusion: What a meddling busy-body I am.


3rd conclusion: The posts were extremely poorly written.


4th conclusion: What a waste of time - to read or to write..


And to think we are going to be judged on every word we utter.


  1. When I sit and respond to your ramblings I am not wasting MY time because I am destressing , I work, I rest ,I go back to work. If I don't decompress from the pressure of all of my little drama queens I will go mad. I gotta excape for a few minutes ,and breathe, then I go back to do the work that I am called to do.
    I don't smoke, drink , do drugs, nor do I slap the little darlings around ,but I wanna! Sometimes the stress is crushing. I don't retail shop for therapy either.( I do icecream , and amazingly I am not super huge)

    I play on google, While they track my every move. :(

    I stumbled upon this blog while looking up the three days of darkness stuff. I wanted to see if it was for real. I never found out,but I learned about blogs instead. I like Catholics best. I perfer to talk only to Catholics.They have the truth you know. Sorry Protestants, Pagans, and Jews who I love.

    I clean as if Martha Stewart is planning to visit. I have OCD I must sterlize the microwave now, and then all of the kitchen cabinets. The kids where asking when school starts.They are fed up with me.

  2. Check out those Wiccans ,I know they have some cape photos that you could down load. Caution. throw holy water on the computer first.

  3. Every single word counts. I think intent will count too!!!

    Remember that the words that you say might help some poor soul standing at the edge of the pit in this life so to speak , trying to figure out which way to turn.

    Maybe your words would give just one soul the courage to say no to sin ,and turn his or her back on Satan ,and turn their hearts ,and minds to God.

    Maybe your words can bring someone from despair,into the light.

    Maybe you could bring joy ,and humor to someone who is sorrowful.

    Maybe your words can heal someone that is broken hearted.

    Maybe your just fine ,and Satan wants to beat you up today. Perhaps he has sent some people to do the job for him.
    Maybe because your other blog makes us think about God.

  4. Gosh Belinda - now I know we are to be BFF. You sound just like a female version of Terry and I think he just insane (but in a good way)

  5. Dear Miss Adrienne, I could always make room for a new bff !!
    Only not the kind of friends that the world has to offer. I want to be friends with Catholic Men, and Women that are trying to live their lives for Christ.

    Besides I never laugh in the right spots at the movies. Or enjoy normal stuff. I am schewed.
    Most of my kids think that I am an embarrassment.
    Although one of my daughters says that she likes to take me out in public with her because she ,and her friends think that I am funny. I don't know if they are laughing at me or with me though.

    When I go to heaven,( I plan on it even though I deserve the fullness of hell ,and all that it fails to offer) I wanna hear Jesus do some stand up Comedy I think that he is so funny. Especially the way that he treats his friends.

  6. Hey Terry ! Why is it a bad thing to rant about our Church ,and the way things should be done?
    People rant about the elections.
    People rant about sporting events. People rant about everything, why should the Church be off limits?

    Why can't you rant about anything that you want to,and not feel guilty, it's your blog, we are just your guests.
    We can always log off.

    As long as your not naming names or hurting people what is the harm?
    When your snarky only cathy_of_alex gets it. We are all left in the dark.
    If you think that your blogs are poorly written then sadly I am more stupid than I even realized.

  7. My little darlings invited their friends over today. I have about a thousand kids at my house right now. They are messing up my sterile kitchen and my tidy garage, and they are lounging in my room with the tv on like little crack addicts. Just my luck ,not even a spoonful of icecream in the entire house .Fortunally for me I know the secret receipe for Wendy's frosties, and guess what people there isn't even any icecream in it.
    My future nun daughter is sewing princess dresses for the little ones ,isn't she sweet!!!
    Two hours to go. God please give our guests good memories of our family ,and bless our dear children . Thanks God.

  8. Jeannette3:32 PM

    You had a post (I think it was you!) where you were snarky about some old people who didn't kneel and then you found out they had knee problems; it made me realize that I was waaay too full of myself for genuflecting for Communion. I had to stop immediately, and it's now been keeping me from wearing a veil for the TLM. I just know how I'll be the same awful way if I start! (neveryoumind that I hate wearing any kind of headgear except the bison hat. It's the fear of PRIDE I tell you, that keeps me from pulling that doily from underneath the lamp and wearing it to Mass)

    And it's all thanks to you! Keep printing this stuff and don't listen to the naysayers.

  9. Thanks Jeanette - that is funny.

  10. you finally hit the nail on the head on conclusion 1 & 2 you are spending way to much time on this stuff-aren't you painting anymore

  11. Thanks V for agreeing with me - My painting is just as bad though.


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