Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Romanovs - Death ( Last Imperial Family Of Russia )

July 17 - 90th anniversary of their martyrdom.


  1. It's difficult to avoid getting upset when you hear about the murders of the Romanovs family. Even if it’s 90 years after their deaths.

    Did any of the murderers ever face justice?

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  3. LeoRufus12:30 AM

    Thank you Terry, I have an Icon of the Romanovs and I pray their intercession to fortify the USA against the errors of Bolshevism that have spread throughout this country and now seem to be the normal way of things.

    God Bless you


  4. Wasn't it the wife who got swept away w/Rasputin despite the warnings?

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  6. Belinda - they are Saints in the Russian Orthodox Church. What the canonization process entails (opening a cause, proving miracles, etc., as we do in the Roman Catholic Church), I do not know.

    The Tsarina fell in with Rasputin because he was a reknowned mystic/ monk and allegedly had healing abilities - which she sought to help her son, Nicholas, who was a severe hemophiliac (genetic blood disease he inherited from his British royal relatives...who notoriously refused asylum to Tsar Nicholas and family, thus bearing the brunt of historical condemnation for the murders). Simply banging his knee caused a life-threatening bleed. So like any desperate mother, she sought a "miracle cure" because he was so ill and likely would not survive to adulthood. Witness the parents of autistic children being sold on all sorts of metal-cleansing therapies and other such scary homeopathic quackery today.

    Padre Pio had plenty of detractors in his day, too - but unlike Rasputin, he did not leave behind a trail of debauchery, embezzlement, and filth, and was not murdered and thrown in a frozen river for his efforts.

    I am no historian (an amateur at best), but from what basic info I've read, this was a devoutly religious, close-knit and even NICE family who were no more or less evil than your average unspeakably wealthy, landed noble/royal family, and who by class and birthright were born and lived completely out of touch with the realities and hardships of average peasants like you and me. The Tsar and Tsarina were deeply in love with one another - a rare love match in noble and royal circles. They were assassinated - nay, slaughtered - in such a heinous way, it fascinates and disturbs to read the accounts and see these videos.

    Whether you throw in with the Saint classification or not, they remain powerful symbols of the end of an era - after their murders came the corruption of Bolshevism and the near-century of devastation and poverty inflicted on a nation of hundreds of millions by a handful of elitist dictators. Had Russia and the surrounding nations been spared and capitalism allowed to take hold, relegating the nobility to ceremonial/figurehead status as was happening in all the surrounding European nations, the world would be a vastly different place and the balance of power would be dramatically shifted.

    That's what the makes the Romanovs' murders such a momentous turning point in history.

    Prof. Kit (what can I say -I got my BA in political science with a minor in history in the late 80's, just before the Berlin Wall fell, and I have a freakishly good memory)


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