Monday, July 21, 2008

3 Stooges - Disorder In The Court



  1. Wow, Terry you found my home videos. Don't you think that my little darlings are so funny. After a while you just wanna cry. I promise you ,we Do in fact have conversations like this. No kidding. I dont slap them though, but they slap each other like stooges .

  2. Care-Ter: Just stopping by to see what you are up to! I think you should post more on the cape stuff. I realize you have a pathological need to "heckle" a certain person-for once not me! LOL!


  3. Cath! LOL! Is it really heckling or just goading?

  4. Hey check out what Fr. Frank Pavone is doing over at facebook. He's claiming territory for Christ right ,and left. He's all over the place. He's using his computer to lay claim to souls . How cool is that!!!! He is awesome. You go Father!!!

  5. Dear Mr.Terry, I have been thinking about this blog, and I feel like your blogger buddies , and I are sorta like your pets.

    You know you keep us in that computer box on your desk ,and you view us on occasion.
    Occasionally you do a mental head count to make sure that no one has gone belly up.

    You watch over us to make sure we that we are playing nice with each other.

    You feed us tid-bits to get us going then you stand back and observe us.

    I suppose that you have to deal with a lot of um, shall we say waste from some folks as well.

    You really dont say too much because you are mostly watching us play or argue.

    Now I am okay with this as long as I am not part of some sort of twisted science experiment. Those always go haywire. :)

    Your kinda funny , but sometimes you seem sorta sad when you watch us. You have to know that I mean NO disrespect. You have been very kind to me to let me play in YOUR yard with your very nice friends.

    I drew a little something that I wanted to share with you. It was really no trouble at all just something that I whipped up. I drew a picture of what you look like from our point of view ,when we look back at you from the inside of your pet box . :)

    Today will be a day of penance for me. I have my eye on a soul that I want for Christ today.

  6. Belinda - you might be right.

    I can't attach to the link you provided though.


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