Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's goin' on?

It really is a recession. A big one.


  1. Bernanke's comments today were pretty pessimistic.

    I think some of the blame can directly and indirectly be assigned to the White House for the mishandling and initiation of the war in Iraq. Some blame can directly be attributed to those unsavory mortgage lenders who have created a debacle that wont hit rock bottom for some time to come.

  2. What's going on?
    Justice ,Mr. Terry,
    The fecal matter has begun to hit the rotating device.Punishment for decades ,and decades of escalating sin, with no repentance in sight.
    (did you see the bank run on Drudge yesterday? OH MY STARS!)

    My guess is that God is tired of playing second banana to our God of money , luxury ,and wealth. We all wanna live like hollywood stars. We have affluentza ,and God has the cure.

    God wants us to learn that we are totally ,and completely dependent upon him, and all that we have comes from him. He alone meets our needs.
    ( I wonder if some Wall street Saints will rise from these ashes)

    As a Nation we have killed over45,000,000 million babies, and most,MOST were done for monetary reasons. (I know that there are other petty reasons too.) Having chosen money over their own flesh ,and blood . Children cry for justice . God is "Just" , and how could we excape his punishment? He loves his babies ,would he not answer their cries?

    Wives no longer love, and nuture their husbands ,and children as the Blessed Mother loved ,and nutured her holy family. We throw our energy into work place relationships , faux families instead of our own .(yeah, I know get I need to get off of the computer!)
    Many Women are not available to their children ,and often their childs needs are not getting met. Including a childs emotional needs which mostly go unnoticed.

    This stuff quest is destroying marriages , and has been for years, and it's producing an insatiable rebelious youth, totally turned inward.

    (I know that some Moms have to work ,and it is getting harder for Moms to stay home , for me too.I love and admire these women ,so don't start yelling at me. )

    You all better begin to detach from this world ,and it's stuff unless you are willing to become microchipped for it. It would be a less painful transition if you began now. Xmark can't hardly wait !!! Oh their coffers will overflow!

    In the end ,when we become poor. I sure will miss icecream ,and medicine, um clean water, heat in the winter ,food.
    We will laugh about the price of Gas,saying remember when it was only $4.13 oh those were the days!!

  3. Anybody want to sign a pro-life petition?



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