Friday, July 04, 2008

Drunk Again

I'm thinking of starting another new blog - just because I'm bored.


It would add balance to all the other blogs dedicated to writing about the 12 steps; you know, it would be for people who like being alcoholics. I'd call it, "Drunk Again".


Being a nation which celebrates Independence Day - we sure have a lot of restrictions. No drunks allowed. No smoking anyplace, no drinking while driving, smokers and drunks are discriminated against - but oh boy! Uncle Sam sure likes to tax them. Marijuana and other drugs are illegal. No shoes, no shirt, no service - which is entirely bogus BTW. No prostitutes, even though gay people are getting more and more rights and can do what they want. (Many drink a lot too.) You can't say hateful things to or about people anymore. Gosh - you can't even burn your trash. There are so many freedoms curtailed in this country that I'm beginning to think this July 4th crap is really over-rated.
Maybe we should start a war or something to get people feeling more patriotic.
At least liquor stores are open on the 4th now days.


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  2. "There are so many freedoms curtailed in this country that I'm beginning to think this July 4th crap is really over-rated."

    I always thought that it was ironic that on a day when we celebrate our freedom, they've taken away our right to privately set off fireworks in many areas of the country.

    I think that the use of the official name of the holiday "Independence Day" is being discouraged too. Flipping channels this morning, the talking heads kept saying "Happy 4th of July."

    I think that perhaps the holiday is offensive to some now - the thought of independence from tyranny and an unjust government makes many people (statists) uncomfortable.

    Perhaps we'll hear "Merry December 25th" next. Wait, they already took care of that one with "Happy Holidays!" /rant

  3. Minnesota won't even let me do my email as I drive around town any more. People wonder how I used to get so much done.

    It's really quite simple. I needed only my left hand to steer, so it's a waste not to use my right hand for accessing my email and texting replies.

    And Minneapolis won't let me idle my car (IWS'ing - Idling While Stopping) for more than one minute when the state makes me stop TWM'ing (Texting While Moving, the other new violation).

    No wonder the Chinese and the Indians are surging ahead of us.

    And I'm afraid I made the wrong choices when I studied foreign languages. As far as the 21st century economy is concerned, my linguistic abilities are as dead as Latin, the first of my three foreign languages.

    I suppose I'll be put out to pasture soon. Has Kevorkian been lurking in the halls of the State Capitol?

  4. Thanks all.

    I realized that not idleing the car BS works against my visits to the Blessed Sacrament after the church is closed, it isn't so bad in summer - but winter is going to be a problem. (I sit in my car outside the front door of the locked church and pray my rosary, you know.)

  5. Anonymous5:35 PM

    My July 4th, post-party:
    Parties are SO over rated. :>

  6. i'm not shooting off any fireworks this year - and i'm not going to view and public display.

    since early morning i have had my American flag displayed on the front of my house, though - and i've noted it is the only one at least a whole block in each direction.

  7. I like the idea for your new blog. You could actually start two - "Drunk Again" and "Still Drunk". Or even another called "Thinking about Drinking." Let's not forget "Dry Drunk" for those that don't actually imbibe (but should).

    I am just finishing up day 4 without a cigarette. Aren't I wonderful???

    If I stop smoking can I start drinking again? Hmmmmmmmmmmm - guess not. What a bore!

  8. Adrienne - Congrats! 4 days without smoking - I quit last October and I still want one. Summertime is worse, because I would smoke on yard-work breaks and survey my handi-work.

    My favorite title is actually "Still Drunk" - LOL!

  9. Yard breaks are just as you say sooooooooooo - I just don't take breaks. Bleh!!


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