Sunday, June 29, 2008

The waiting room.

And something about this blog...


Remember the scene from "As Good As It Gets" when Jack Nicholson's character is sent away by his therapist? Jack is leaving the office and walking through the waiting room, when he stops, looks at all of the other patients in the room and asks: "What if this is as good as it gets?" The other patients look at him, a few seem quite uncomfortable, although no one responds. I'm sure most of them dismissed his question and attributed it to his usual inappropriate behavior problems, thinking to themselves, "He's nuts!" Or, "He's just shooting off his mouth again."

At that moment Jack's character finally got it. While the others in the waiting room simply blew him off.


  1. Well,Mr. Terry, I would say yep. We have grown numb to how great our lives really are. We as a society have a porn mentality. Nothing is good enough.We want more , bigger, better, grander, slicker, shiner, newer.Take for example food porn.We like icecream, but not plain, we want syrup,then if we are lucky we might score some whipped cream ,and maybe even a cherry on top, but wait some folks have learned to dip that into a batter ,and fry it,then sprinkle it with powdered sugar.We want faster cars, bigger homes, and sadly we want to associate with better looking people,or better yet BE better looking people, you can even make yourself bigger ,and better ,and wrinkle free too!! We are an insatiable people,we over spend,over think,over eat,etc.
    I think that God created us to live a more simple life,with our thoughts centered around him.This stuff makes our minds conflicted ,restless,and mentally ill.I think that all of this confliction with the Holy Spirt who is just trying to carve out a little brain space for himself only serves to make us sicker. Only in stillness ,with a mind at peace can we hear God, but it is that stillness that people find so unconfortable....Gotta go my son just barfed, must'a been those cheesy puffs that did him in.He just learned that cheesy puffs,and icecream bars don't go together. God bless you Terry. Hey, I spent the weekend visiting some Monks, I will tell you about them later,I'll bet you are on pins ,and needles.

  2. Jennie12:13 PM

    With the "as good as it gets" line of thinking you know what you've got; you know what to expect. With my stoic German/Norwegian heritige I always appreciate that which is said to be "fine", "okay", "not too bad" (which always struck me as funny because it means bad-ness to some degree), "about right", and "decent". If it is something more than that which wavers a little above or below average then it gets Garrison Keillor's "Pretty Good". I like "as good as it gets" as you are freed from expecting more, a very realistic way to see some things. Assuming you can't, or don't want to (which is ok too) make more out of something than is there, and have accepted it for what it is, "as good as it gets" really becomes a "good enough" which I really like. As someone who can easily take "do your best" to a level of crippling perfectionism (in some areas)"good enough" can really be a blessing.


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