Monday, June 30, 2008

Pride weekend.

And hetero-phobia.
I just want hetero-phobes to note I did not post any queer stuff this weekend - just because I am nice and you don't like it when I do anyway.


  1. i made a comment on someone's site recently and they deleted my comment ... oh - it was about hetero-phobes go figure?

  2. "member when pink t-shirts and baseball hats with no insignia were the uniform? These days, it seems from your photo that white t-shirts are in. No wonder why I am always out of uniform.

    I wonder if there is a manual to let a guy know what he is s'posed to be wearing?

    I would imagine that the guys in the green and yellow are from the FBI and they didn't get the correct instructions this year.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I just took a gander at the pictures from the so-called Gay "Pride" Parade in SF. Didn't look like much to be proud of there.....

  5. Hey, Terry - A friend sent me a link to a very sharp criticism of gay "pride." I laughed and laughed, even though it's full of naughty words, so I won't post the link, but I'll whisper it in your ear if you lean in realllllyyy close!


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