Sunday, March 09, 2008

I see skulls.

As an artist, I always see images in the patterns of nature. I see faces in marble and terrazzo floors, figures in cloud formations, or the branches of a tree. Without my glasses, I make out shapes in shadows and reflections of light at night, or while 'watching' frost on a window pane. I know it is my imagination at work - even when I 'think' I see religious images on a tabernacle door, or reflected in a glass. Lately, all the images I see are of skulls - every pattern I look at. Even in church, when I pray and become momentarily distracted by the wood grain pattern of the pew - a skull shows up. (BTW, aside from the fact it is easier to remain recollected, my recognizing images where they do not exist is the other reason I prefer to pray with my eyes closed.)


  1. You would have been good company for me on the pschiatric ward when I was hospitalised almost 20 years ago :-)

    I have always seen faces in 'things' (sometimes skulls) but usually faces, not always pleasant ones. It was another reason I was led to believe I was crazy.

    I like to think there is a fine line between insanity and genius.

    That makes us both either crazy, or just damn incredible!

  2. Brother - yes indeed.

    Deb - You must be an artist then.

    BTW - this is also why I make fun of people who think images of Mary appear on toast or in erosion patterns under bridges.

  3. Before my parish had the roof fixed, a moisture spot appeared on a wall beside the altar. Someone claimed to spot Our Lord's face in it, and a few others started getting a bit too serious about it. The pastor put an end to it by saying "what's the big deal? We have the real Jesus right over there in the tabernacle."
    Anyone with a good eye can see such things. The key is to not take them for more than they are.

  4. Thanks Jeffrey - I agree with you and your pastor.


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