Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny shelter I made is melting, so I built a wooden one today to replace it when the ice tunnel is gone. The littlest kids in the neighborhood love the shelter. On their way to the park they stop and look in and call out, "Hey Easter Bunny!" I think they will like the house I built just as much. I bought more candy filled eggs today. (I talked to the moms so they know it is safe, factory sealed and all of that.) While I was outside cleaning the sidewalk, one of the little boys said to me, "If you see the Easter Bunny waiting for the bus, please tell him we live down the street and around the corner in the stucco house."

I said I would do so.


  1. Thank you Uncle Terry!

  2. Jeron7:35 AM

    You know your neighbors? That's really strange.

  3. Hey Terry you get more handsome by the day!


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