Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Global warming...

Global warming is affecting the Easter Bunny - Emergency measures are called for!

This photo shows the Bunny Station today. As you can see, it is melting very fast. The snow is dirty from car exhaust - but the eggs are safe in the tunnel. The tunnel is a few feet deeper, although we are afraid of collapse as the melting continues. Perhaps tomorrow bunny rabbit workman will begin to excavate the snow and ice shelf at the base of the "glacier mountain" and install the wooden station house.


  1. Sorry to mix nursery rhymes, but didn't the Three Little Pigs teach you anything about building a house?

    It is very sweet though. Nowadays, people are so afraid to even talk to children because people will think they have nefarious reasons.

  2. Monica - Wait until you see the wooden shelter - rabbits are not as good as pigs when it comes to building stuff.

  3. Ter: You are really Mr.Little Guy from Lake Harriet right?

  4. Cath - no - but that is where the idea came from.


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