Saturday, January 26, 2008

Many times...

I wish I had stayed.


  1. you know the allusion is ringing through my mind but I cannot remember it - the only things I can think of are St Joan and Psalm 78 , but these don't fit properly...
    I suppose I'll get it , but any hint ?

  2. Well maybe the price would have been too high for you to have stayed ?
    what's stopping you returning ?
    and if you have reticence about a certain issue which seems to pervade these sites like a sword of damocles - dude, seriously, i really wouldn't worry about it , you're older and wiser and a damn sight stronger in all those regards now...
    I feel a bit like a dark rider...
    "come back , come back, to Mordor we'll take you..." etc.
    But seriously dude ? what's really stopping you ?

  3. I'm not surprised to hear you say that, Ter. I can still see you "in the life".

  4. Aw, Ter.

    You know, the desert can be wherever you are, though.


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