Monday, January 21, 2008

And then: Why do you blog?

Because you have a "savior of the world complex" like Bono?

I ask myself this question all of the time. Why do I blog? I think, no matter what the initial altruistic reasons one may have had for beginning to write a weblog, it comes down to one's ego, satisfying self-love. (Or, maybe just for me?)

So anyway - why do you blog?


  1. I have almost always kept a diary so my blog is just the online version. It's just a relief to get it out of my brain onto a page.

    Also, I blog because I enjoy reading the comments and sometimes learning from them. I also enjoy leaving comments. It helps me in the real world when I am trying to explain Catholic teaching. I have written it out, seen it in black and white, and that helps my brain retain it better.

  2. Yeah, well Angela, you are a good person.

    Funny - I have always written my thoughts as well, not a diary, but a journal sort of thing with illustrations - so the blog is an extension of all that, isn't it?

  3. Why do I blog? I dunno. Maybe because I have made some good (internet) friends and it's a good way to stay in touch. Also because it's a good outlet to say what none of my (non Catholic) coworkers or family want to hear. Not everyone is Catholic, ya know! And the Catholic blogosphere is a great way to connect with like minded Catholics.

  4. Same reasons as you Terry! lol

  5. Terry,

    Speaking on behalf of the Hadleybloggers, I think we pretty much stay away from the idea of the blog as a journal or diary. I personally think of it more as a syndicated column, and I generally try to write with the mindset that our pieces should be good enough and professional enough to appear in a magazine, newspaper or any other type of publication without shame.

    We don't make the claim that our opinions are any better or any more informed than others, although we're not afraid of expressing them. But often what we try to do is illuminate, to provide original content (you notice we don't link all that often to what other bloggers write), to tell people something they might not already know, or to share something that we particularly enjoy. We also use it as a sounding board for our own pieces that we might write elsewhere (my TVParty article, for example).

    Again, speaking personally: blogging is not my first choice for expression. I'd much rather be working on books, short stories, or articles for publication, and I don't always like taking the time away from that to put something on the blog (maybe that's why most of my projects aren't done yet), but it definitely has made me a better, sharper writer - it's taught me how to edit, to structure my stories, to condense my thoughts into more concise paragraphs, to be able to write without losing the interest of the reader. To that extent, it has been a valuable, if not necessarily a satisfying, thing.


  6. Mitchell - Your blog is very professional and is very good. Mine is just a personal blog - however, I too have learned a great deal over the last 2 years, about writing, about myself, about the faith, respecting others, and so on. Although there is an element of self-love, or seeking affirmation, which is very human. I tend to be my worst critic, but I think I'm expressing my self-criticsm more honestly - without leading others to think I'm being critical f them.

    And PM - yes, indeed, I feel I've made friends on the web and I want to keep in touch.

    All in all, though I get discouraged, I think blogging is a good thing.

  7. because I'm a useless waste of space with no friends or social life, a desperately unfulfilling job; and a very shallow existence...
    nuff said ?

  8. I made a decision to do a blog based on simple, simple Catholic teaching. Everything that goes there must pass the “7th grade test.” Would a 7th grader understand it and, more importantly, would I want to have a 7th grader read it. Pretty much what I said in my “rules.” If anything is my opinion, rather than church teaching, I try to say so.

    It has created a “reverse” ego thing for me as sometimes I agonize over the fact that some folks might consider me kind of dumb. It’s a great way to work on my humility.

    I also do not practice anonymity regarding my alcoholism and it gives me another way to “carry the message to those that still suffer”, which is a requirement for my continued sobriety.

    I have an aversion to being too personal about myself - in all areas of my life. But, I do love reading others who have a very personal blog.

    Mitchell – where is you blog??

  9. "Speaking on behalf of the Hadleybloggers

    Mitchell -- Reading comprehension very, very low today. Just ignore the stupid question.

  10. I wanted to interact with other Catholics and simultaneously address those things that make it difficult for me to believe. I DO stray from that initiatory intention, however.

  11. I blog to stay in touch with the greater universe.

    Ok, yes, I blog to meet men.

  12. Cath - in that case, maybe you should change your profile photo to Aaron Eckhart.

  13. I don't blog, I just have one -

    Dr. Thursday suggested I start it, although I'm not much of a writer (that said, I am having a dandy time at Catholic Answers Forums these days...
    & I also stink at commenting, tending to veer off topic...

    So, how 'bout those Giants?

  14. I do it for fun and to send twits into fits of harrumphing.

  15. Ter: I said: MEN, not boys. ;-)

  16. And I?
    Not so sure.
    I enjoy reading and sometimes commenting elsewhere.
    I do think I've made some new friends and acquaintances.
    I have noted there seem to be a lot more women bloggers than men - I suppose that is because they are more verbal.
    I do have a significant number of male blogs I read regularly, though. A different perspective, usually.
    Take your blogs, for instance ... a different perspective.
    I truly don't know where or how anyone who posts regularly has or finds the time - it is a task, isn't it?
    And then there's Mr. Jeffery Smith - has a number of them. But he's an "old south end"er and I'm from the east side of the river.
    Keep it up everybody - we have each other if none else.

  17. Because it beats actually doing any work?

  18. I get encouragement from reading other's Blogs.


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