Thursday, January 24, 2008

Friendless in Minneapolis.

A maniacal monk's nemeses...

I got an email today from a guy I was a monk with at a certain mid-western monastery. We were novices together, and very fun ones, which is why our maniacal novice master would not let us associate with one another or speak to one another. I thought my little monk-ey friend was dead, so I am very happy to hear from him now. Comment moderation has been enabled for fear of what he might write - if he chose to comment - ever. (In his email he mentioned how good I look in my profile photo - yet somehow different from what he remembered. It's because of the glasses - I'm not wearing my glasses. It is so funny how time fades memory, isn't it?)
I don't feel so friendless any more - there are not that many people left who go back that far in my life - I mean, those still willing to talk to me. LOL!


  1. Welcome!

    Terry, don't edit the stories too much, 'kay?

  2. Speaking of old friends, I saw Father Hoffer just a couple of months ago at a party of a mutual acquaintance. Before he became Father Hoffer, he was known to me as plain ol' Steve. We were in the Discernment Group established by the Diocese of Las Vegas for serious candidates to the priesthood. Most of the men involved in that group have since been ordained. I had already had my interview with the Vocations Director, the Vicar of the Diocese, and the Bishop when i decided the time wasn't right.

  3. And, no, he's not maniacal:0)

  4. Is this all you're going to tell us about your monkey days? Indulge us a little!

  5. I want to hear about Ter's Disco Era. That's where the real stories are!

  6. Gratefully, my friend remained longer in the monastery than I did - so he knows nothing of the
    "Disco-down" era.

    I still need comment moderation however.

  7. Terry you're easy to get along must have lots of friends..including me!

  8. Please. I'm trying to forget my disco era.

  9. rolling eyes...
    Why dude why ?
    Disco ?
    An Abba-diva I can cope with;
    But if you were a frisco-funk wildboy ?
    to Sin against God is one thing; but to sin against God's beauty by offending the ear, the eye and the intellect ?
    What were you thinking ?
    saying this as a child of the eighties [Goth/new romantic/tightie whities] you were the enemy !
    You could have been getting your rocks off to Mahler, Sibelius Bach, Debussy, Bruckner ???
    Sure I boogie on down to 'It's raining men' like the next guy... [did so last saturday night]
    But dude ? The saturday Night Fever era ? How can you look yourself in the mirror ?

  10. ooooo, please post pics when you tell us your Disco-tales, will ya??

    Hey, _Disco-tales_ would be a great sequel to your _Disfunctional Fairy Tales_!! When did you say we should expect to see that on the bookshelves?

  11. Georgette and Paul - I was not at all like the Saturday Night Fever images. I lived in Boston at the time, nice tweed sports coats, white shirts, jeans, - very preppy. I hated Abba and liked funk.

  12. Jackie - thanks - you and I will rock out to the Eagles.

  13. The eagles ?
    Sorry dude...still trying to picture it.
    were you kinda like the New English ivy league ?
    White socks, brown brogues, turned up jeans/pegs tweed jackets /arran jumpers fully defined floppy partings - a la Nick Heyward and Haircut 100 ?
    We had that in the uk from about 81-84

  14. Paul - not quite - you are funny though!

  15. Come to think of it, I'd just as soon forget the 70's, period.

  16. Well ?
    It wasn't that horrendous - some good things came out of it :
    Columbo , Little House on The Prairie, The Waltons, Dr Who...
    Admittedly Hollywood and Music and fashion and art and the church has barely recovered but what the hey ?

  17. and I still listen to Abba - got their "Best of.." album/cd in the car

  18. know what you mean about not feeling so friendless ; there's only one person from seminary who remains in contact with me; and even then it's only a few times a year....
    hope you're praying hard for Fr Richard. We never know what really turns people into &$%*@#!!s

  19. How you doing Terry?

    All the Abba talk makes me feel positively perambulator-bound (I was a teen in the 80's) ...and here I am almost touching my 40th birthday...

  20. Terry--Oh I hated Disco, liked funk, i liked punk---hey, since it looks like "Disco-tales" ain't gonna happen, maybe try your hand at some woe-be-gone musical poetry?


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