Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The new patron saint of pop culture...

Heath Ledger - dead at 28.
He will surely surpass the cult status of James Dean.
May he rest in peace.


  1. Yes, this is definitely a tragedy. And it should be said so of anyone who passes away at such a young age, not just the famous.

  2. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Yes i just did a brief sad..

  3. I can't believe the "outpouring of grief" for a guy that most of the country never heard of.

    James Dean became a cult icon because of his life style. I'd bet that the same people are making this guy a cult icon for the same reason. They get in the habit of it because their lifestyle automatically leads to early deaths.

    Am I way off base?

    I see Bayly has made his obeisance to the new icon. That proves me right.

    Most of them really don't believe in God, so when a young, beautiful man dies prematurely, that is a tragedy for such a group.

    I'll pray for Divine Mercy, but don't expect any tears from me.

  4. It's sad , but it won't be even remotely in the same league as James Dean ; those days have gone...we thought the name River Phoenix would go on forever ; but people don't care the way they used to...there will be an over-the-top panegyric for weeks...then it will fade....
    The odd tribute every few years ; then the memory will dissipate - the kids move on too quickly these days to care too deeply about anything - they do as they're told by the media...

  5. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I'm with Ray--I never heard of this guy either but figured he must be a gay icon or something from the way the media is going on and on about him.

  6. I think his fan base goes far beyond gay people - "Brokeback" was a huge success, but he has done many other good films in a rather short period of time, gaining the respect of his peers and critics. He is greatly respected because of his talent, hard work, and dedication to his craft. I don't think he was necessarily a druggie, reports suggest that he was on prescription stuff - especially sleep aids - which many people overdo - if one doesn't work, maybe two will - in addition, mixing drugs isn't always good and many people are not aware of how real the dangers are.

    I suppose no one's legacy endures much beyond a certain point, but with this guy I think it may. Like James Dean he had a genuineness, an intensity, and a depth about him that people connected with. And yet he was kind of a loner. If his death is proved to be an accidental overdose, then his legacy will play out even more tragically, and like Monroe and Dean, it should endure.

  7. Hi Terry,

    I appreciate your last comment. It counters nicely some of the more ill-informed and ridiculous comments that others have previously posted.

    I mean, according to Georgette, the media attention over Pope John Paul II's death signifies that he was a "gay icon"! See what I mean by ridiculous?

    As to the ill-informed: Ray may have seen my post on Heath Ledger, but he clearly didn't bother to read it. If he had, he'd know why Ledger's death has impacted so many. And as you say, Terry, not just gay people.

    I particularly appreciate director Ang Lee's comment in response to Ledger's passing. As you know, he directed Brokeback Mountain (a film both Ray and Georgette would do well to see).

    Said Lee: “[Ledger] brought to the role of Ennis more than any of us could have imagined - a thirst for life, for love, and for truth, and a vulnerability that made everyone who knew him love him.”



  8. Michael - yep, I admire the guy - he's your contryman as well. I saw your tribute - I hope someone in media picks it up.

    I feel badly for his family and his little girl, Matty. Mel Gibson can't say enough good about him.

  9. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Michael's comment is the one that is ridiculous! He compares the death of one of the greatest Popes ever--and the leader of the largest religion on the face of the earth--with this little actor guy!

    Most of the world knows who the Leader of the Largest Religion in the World is, but unlike Michael, MOST people in this world do NOT read all the celebrity rags that follow the latest celebrity gossip!

    And yes, the media does have an agenda. I read elsewhere that one of the main reasons they jumped on this insignificant story is so that they would have something to focus on instead of the March for LIfe in Washington.

    And yes, he is a homosexual icon--which I had only suspected, and then it was confirmed when I looked it up, which I had no way of knowing about other than an understanding of the media, politics and agendas.

  10. Good post, Georgette.

    I didn't have to research to find out if this guy was a homosexual icon. I figured that if Michael had 16 photographs of this guy on his blog post, that was all the proof that I needed. Judy Garland was another of their icons. I think I might do some research on other names.

  11. Ray and Georgette - This gay icon thing sounds like a post to me... I think I will.

    Georgette - The media certinly did ignore the March for Life once again. Talk about bias!


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