Friday, November 02, 2007


The reasons why I may not always post comments on your blog:
A) You have word verification on. Sometimes I have trouble with that.
B) If you are not on blogger, I may not want to go through all the steps of posting my email and all the other hoops you have to go through.
C) The post was too long to read.
D) The post did not interest me.
E) I don't visit your blog.
F) I was pressed for time.
G) I didn't feel like it.
H) You never comment on my blog.
Seriously, if you use comment moderation, you don't really need to use word verification. Word verification is just annoying.


  1. I was wondering, since you don't use comment verification but use moderation, if you get any junk comments? I have a website that has a guest book that was created before there was comment moderation or verification and it gets hit with bots filling it with junk, especially lately. I've never had this problem on my blog using comment verification, but have been tempted to turn it off if there isn't a danger of a bot coming by and putting junk in my combox.

  2. Comment moderation is annoying, too.

    Why turn on comment moderation? If I use that, then I have to read every email as opposed to going to the post that has the comments and just reading/responding to all.

    I turned off verification once, trying to see if it would be a better situation...and I just got spammed by the same annoying guy. The moment I'd delete his spam, it would reappear. I don't have time to chase spam all day.

    But not at least I know you maybe still love me...

  3. Monica, I get very few junk comments - yesterday I got 2 spam comments but that has been the exception - I probably get 2-5 a year.

    Adoro - Of course i still love you - I check and read your blog at least 2 times a day.

  4. i find it annoying too,,i've only just started moderation & i find that annoying too..but one or two posts weren't very needs must..

  5. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I only moderate if I must (flamers) and I turned off word verification ages ago. I have never had a problem with spam.

    PS - I HATE word verification - sometimes the lettersarejusttooclose
    to make out and I have to type in the new "password" again. And why can't they at least make the jumble of letters sound like a word. Example:
    jakalor instead of jklrotmx.


  6. I'm glad to hear that somebody else has problems with comment moderation. I don't like it mainly because I don't get to see what I typed and delete it if I made a mistake.

    I like it that haloscan and now blogger allows one to "subscribe" to a blogpost. Then if I deposit some pearl of wisdom into somebody's commbox, I get to be notified when all the kudos come back to me.

    I hate most word verification systems. They never seem to work on the first time for me. I like Father Z's the best: He gets to choose his own words and they are words common in the text of his posts like: proprio, summorum, trautman, excommunication, etc.

  7. Anonymous11:07 AM

    In general, blogs that employ comment moderation, or which don't allow commenting at all (unless one knows it is for reasons of humility) seem to throw up just one more intended wall, which strikes me as especially odd for Catholicism which was supposed to be catholicly unitive, no? I avoid most of those like the plague, and sometimes that is a mutual relief. If, however, someone is often writing much that is controversial--and is away from the computer all day--then there could be a need for it. With all the spam, however, word verification seems a valid need.


  8. The ONLY reason to use verification is to keep the spam away.

    Terry, glad to know you still love me.

    I'd perfer not to use verification at all...not sure why when I turn it off, though, I'm immediately spammed. And if I delete...12 hours (or less) later it's back again.

    Terry, you get a lot more traffic than I do...why do you only get spammed a few times per year? What kind of system do you have in place that keeps it away?

  9. Adoro - On this blog I have no filter, on abbey2 I have Akismet spam filter and get about 50 spam hits a day. I don't know why I don't have it here.

  10. Y'all - I spoke too soon - I've been getting tons of spam since I posted this - word verification is up.

  11. thanks for your last comment

    i was about to go and turn mine off and see if it could stay clean for a while

    i get tons of spam everyday on my e-mail accounts - it is a a blame nuisance to delete them all

    the filters do a reasonable job of dumping them into a bulk file, but i need to go down the list as they OFTEN times put non-spam in there, too

    so i guess i'll leave my word verification up

  12. Uncle Jim:

    I've been doing genealogy on the internet and lots of other research since the early 90s or whenever the internet came open to the public. I have email addresses posted all over the place so I am defenseless against spam.

    I get 3-400 spams a day caught in my provider's spam trap. I have it set fairly high but only get a few important messages caught each day. Generally the "whitelist" works well so that I don't have to keep doing that.

    It's not that difficult to skim through the names of senders and search for mail lists a few times a day to search for infrequent correspondents.

    It's better than having to have to delete 300-400 or more messages a day.

  13. IS that what that IS? Word Verification? Jeez, I always thought that blogger was just making fun of my drinking problem. You can never trust those computer programming people...

    Before reading this comment you must figure out this word verification:

    Iksnay on the blogger commentersnay


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