Saturday, November 03, 2007

People have asked me...

How my Halloween turned out.

It was very fun. I had 98 kids - which is a lot for my neighborhood - most people say they get about 30 to 50 kids. But a lot of cars stopped to let the kids come to the door. I did one ghost to look like St. Catherine of Bolgna's in-corrupt body - only all in white. The kids loved it. Despite the windy conditions, all of the candles stayed lit. (It was too windy for the dry ice.)

One little kid yelled to his friends as he left the door - "Hey! He's giving out candy by the handful!" Then screams and kids running up the steps. Kids and their parents all remarked about how cool the decorations were, and what a nice house I have. The next day I saw one of the kids walking by the house, pointing out all the architectural details to his friend.

All of the kids were well behaved and very polite, and all of them said "thank you", and a few said, "I love your house!" The costumes were mostly fairy princesses for girls, or vampires and super heroes for the boys. No one was dressed as a sexual object - as most blogs were decrying before the holiday - no Brittneys or Lindseys. Even the teenagers without costumes were well behaved and polite.

It was great fun - just as Halloween should be. Wait until they see what I do next year.


  1. We had a similar, very positive experience here.

  2. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Hey! Where'd you get all those well-mannered kids? lol

  3. It sounds like fun. We live on five acres and we never get any trick and treaters but we did in our last house and they were always nice and polite and having a grand ol' time.

  4. you know, I didn't see any hoochies out Halloween night either. Makes you wonder who's really buying 5 billion dollars worth of skank outfits.

  5. and speaking of freakish costumes, something I would never have known about if it hadn't been on one of your sites - the goings on in San Francisco this past weekend made the national news I saw on CNN in a motel room in south central IL over the weekend. Those people are downright evil!


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