Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Crazy Halloween stories...

To read some crazy Halloween stories, visit Spirit Daily - the Catholic tabloid is busting with weird stories today. LOL!
[Photo: In-corrupt/mummified remains of a man from the Capuchin Ossuary at Palermo. I mention it in this post here.]


  1. "Crazy" is an understatement.

  2. I came home halloween eve, turned the front yard-light and porch light off. I didn't feel like dealing with these sweet spirited goblins. My wife thinks I'm a grinch - but that candy is ending up in my lunch now and not theirs.

    I have a friend who kept a cooler near the front door and was offering a cold beer to parents who accompanied their kids to the door - or adults without kids who were trolling for sweets. He says he got more than a few takers - and they all made merry together - strangers on first sip, but family by the last.

  3. don't tell me there ain't no reincarnation ... how do you spell Salvadore Dali?


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