Monday, August 13, 2007

Holier than thou...


I have been in this dark, dark, DARK mood for innumerable days. Lately I've been thinking deeply about penance and I got myself all 'doured-soured' out about everything - past sins and failures and all that kind of stuff. I was starting to feel like a rad-trad Catholic! Ick! Then today, it was like all the doom and gloom suddenly cleared away and I finally felt a sense of joy - for the first time in months! (Maybe it's because I just heard of another defection from the rad-trad-cult form of Catholicism. An uber-traditionalist wife just left her Feeney-ite husband. Too much religion can sometimes either cause one to lose one's faith or drive a person crazy. I personally think this woman had enough. I don't know if she left the faith, but the ubers think leaving one's husband is the same thing.)
Whatever, today I felt as if this great burden has been lifted off my shoulders. In a silly mood, I started thinking of things I don't care about, so I'll list some of them.
So yeah, here is some stuff that doesn't bother me:
* The Latin Mass in either form - I don't care if it's Novus Ordo or the TLM. If it happens to be the Novus Ordo - I don't care if it's in English or Latin.
* What people wear to Mass. I don't care if women are in camisoles - actually one was last Sunday - it doesn't bother me.
* Weddings - I've been invited to 4 this year and haven't attended any of them - and it doesn't bother me.
* Gay people - I honestly don't care if someone is gay - unless the guy is real femme or the woman is man-hating butch - that's just weird. If they claim to be Catholic, then I do care that they really abide by what the Church teaches - if not - they should stop pretending to be Catholic. If they are not religious, that's fine.
* Non-Catholics. I don't care if someone is Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, or Wiccan - just don't try to convert me or argue religion with me.
* Irreligious people. Same thing - just don't criticize me or my religion or try to argue with me.
* Marijuana. If it was legal I'd probably smoke it. However, it's not legal and it's a sin to break the law.
* Anorexic women. I think they are kind of attractive.
* Global warming - it happens.
* People who talk on cell phones in public - I enjoy listening to their conversations and pigeon-holing them by what they say.
* Motorcyclists without helmets and people who engage in extreme sports. I don't care if they kill themselves.
* Answering the phone - I don't.
* Cars. I've never ever been impressed with the type of car a person drives.
* Professional sports - I don't care about them.
* Celebrities - I don't care about them.
* Family feuds - I love the drama.
* Severe storms - I love the drama - it's related to family feuds - dysfunctional-ism.
* Working wives and mothers - at least they are not living off their husbands. (Oh lighten up! I'm kidding!)
* Harry Potter - I love the stories.
* Priests in or out of clerical clothing - that doesn't bother me - just as long as they are wearing something.
* Peace and justice radicals who are anti-war.
* Modern and contemporary art - I like a lot of it.
* Nudity.
* Talking in Church - I was letting it bother me and decided I was getting to be too 'holier than thou' about it. I've decided it is a waste of time to worry about things one has no control over.
* Smoking and people who smoke. (I do.)
* Crabby old people.
* Death - it's something we have to do.
* Nuns in secular clothing.
* Nuns in traditional habits.
* Fast food - although I rarely ever eat it.
* This post is starting to bother me. I can't think of anything else. Suffice it to say, there are a lot of things that don't bother me today. Maybe I should do a post about what does bother me?
What really does bother me is falling for the 'holier than thou' thing - it's such an easy trap to fall into - especially for bloggers.


  1. " is a waste of time to worry about things one has no control over." I ought to put that on two posters; one for home, and one for work!

  2. I know! - and I should have it on some sort of sign that hangs in front of my face wherever I go. LOL!

  3. It must be an oversight, or else I'll have to wait for your list of things that bother you, since you didn't mention Gen X-,Y-,Z-ers ;}

  4. Swiss Miss - No, that wasn't an oversight. LOL! I love Gen X-Y-Z-ers - the ones that know they are are no better than the boomers that is.

  5. It's funny you wrote this -

    The other day at Mass, I did notice some of the attire was sort of beach-wear. Not many, just a few...

    I usually don't notice this stuff, but I did think of you:)

  6. Jeron7:30 AM

    Terry, you & I have too much in common. Let's hear it for the neurotic! LOL.

  7. Rhaps - It's the curse of writing and reading about it- suddenly you start noticing what people wear, how they pray, etc. When macular (sp?) degeneration finally takes it's course, I'll be free of all that!

    Jeron - What do you mean?

  8. There's gotta be a meme in all that typing.

    If you like storms and didn't see/hear the one Monday morning, you missed the display of a lifetime.

    Seriously, when one is obsessed by the errors of the past, a General Confession may be called for. I made one six months ago and it was wonderful.

  9. Crabby old people - HA!

    I love crabby old people - I hope to be one one day.


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