"Are we prepared to promote conditions in which the living contact with God can be reestablished? For our lives today have become godless to the point of complete vacuity. God is no longer with us in the conscious sense of the word. He is denied, ignored, excluded from every claim to have a part in our daily life." - Alfred Delp, S.J.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Holier than thou...


I have been in this dark, dark, DARK mood for innumerable days. Lately I've been thinking deeply about penance and I got myself all 'doured-soured' out about everything - past sins and failures and all that kind of stuff. I was starting to feel like a rad-trad Catholic! Ick! Then today, it was like all the doom and gloom suddenly cleared away and I finally felt a sense of joy - for the first time in months! (Maybe it's because I just heard of another defection from the rad-trad-cult form of Catholicism. An uber-traditionalist wife just left her Feeney-ite husband. Too much religion can sometimes either cause one to lose one's faith or drive a person crazy. I personally think this woman had enough. I don't know if she left the faith, but the ubers think leaving one's husband is the same thing.)
Whatever, today I felt as if this great burden has been lifted off my shoulders. In a silly mood, I started thinking of things I don't care about, so I'll list some of them.
So yeah, here is some stuff that doesn't bother me:
* The Latin Mass in either form - I don't care if it's Novus Ordo or the TLM. If it happens to be the Novus Ordo - I don't care if it's in English or Latin.
* What people wear to Mass. I don't care if women are in camisoles - actually one was last Sunday - it doesn't bother me.
* Weddings - I've been invited to 4 this year and haven't attended any of them - and it doesn't bother me.
* Gay people - I honestly don't care if someone is gay - unless the guy is real femme or the woman is man-hating butch - that's just weird. If they claim to be Catholic, then I do care that they really abide by what the Church teaches - if not - they should stop pretending to be Catholic. If they are not religious, that's fine.
* Non-Catholics. I don't care if someone is Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, or Wiccan - just don't try to convert me or argue religion with me.
* Irreligious people. Same thing - just don't criticize me or my religion or try to argue with me.
* Marijuana. If it was legal I'd probably smoke it. However, it's not legal and it's a sin to break the law.
* Anorexic women. I think they are kind of attractive.
* Global warming - it happens.
* People who talk on cell phones in public - I enjoy listening to their conversations and pigeon-holing them by what they say.
* Motorcyclists without helmets and people who engage in extreme sports. I don't care if they kill themselves.
* Answering the phone - I don't.
* Cars. I've never ever been impressed with the type of car a person drives.
* Professional sports - I don't care about them.
* Celebrities - I don't care about them.
* Family feuds - I love the drama.
* Severe storms - I love the drama - it's related to family feuds - dysfunctional-ism.
* Working wives and mothers - at least they are not living off their husbands. (Oh lighten up! I'm kidding!)
* Harry Potter - I love the stories.
* Priests in or out of clerical clothing - that doesn't bother me - just as long as they are wearing something.
* Peace and justice radicals who are anti-war.
* Modern and contemporary art - I like a lot of it.
* Nudity.
* Talking in Church - I was letting it bother me and decided I was getting to be too 'holier than thou' about it. I've decided it is a waste of time to worry about things one has no control over.
* Smoking and people who smoke. (I do.)
* Crabby old people.
* Death - it's something we have to do.
* Nuns in secular clothing.
* Nuns in traditional habits.
* Fast food - although I rarely ever eat it.
* This post is starting to bother me. I can't think of anything else. Suffice it to say, there are a lot of things that don't bother me today. Maybe I should do a post about what does bother me?
What really does bother me is falling for the 'holier than thou' thing - it's such an easy trap to fall into - especially for bloggers.


  1. "...it is a waste of time to worry about things one has no control over." I ought to put that on two posters; one for home, and one for work!

  2. I know! - and I should have it on some sort of sign that hangs in front of my face wherever I go. LOL!

  3. It must be an oversight, or else I'll have to wait for your list of things that bother you, since you didn't mention Gen X-,Y-,Z-ers ;}

  4. Swiss Miss - No, that wasn't an oversight. LOL! I love Gen X-Y-Z-ers - the ones that know they are are no better than the boomers that is.

  5. It's funny you wrote this -

    The other day at Mass, I did notice some of the attire was sort of beach-wear. Not many, just a few...

    I usually don't notice this stuff, but I did think of you:)

  6. Jeron7:30 AM

    Terry, you & I have too much in common. Let's hear it for the neurotic! LOL.

  7. Rhaps - It's the curse of writing and reading about it- suddenly you start noticing what people wear, how they pray, etc. When macular (sp?) degeneration finally takes it's course, I'll be free of all that!

    Jeron - What do you mean?

  8. There's gotta be a meme in all that typing.

    If you like storms and didn't see/hear the one Monday morning, you missed the display of a lifetime.

    Seriously, when one is obsessed by the errors of the past, a General Confession may be called for. I made one six months ago and it was wonderful.

  9. Crabby old people - HA!

    I love crabby old people - I hope to be one one day.


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