Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Gay. You're gay."

Daddy Bear...
I hinted at it in a previous post, but new revelations are coming out and I have to say - yeah, I was right, this priest has a history. Gerald at Closed Cafeteria has more. I'll bet it's a NAMBLA thing going on with this guy.

Post title: From KQ "Brainerd Cash Call".


  1. I have to wonder what he wears during Mass in the summer. :-)

    He's got to be a member of the burgeoning nudist priest movement.

  2. Anonymous8:12 AM

    You really shouldn't drive more traffic to that trashy NAMBLA site

  3. Anonymous - I know I shouldn't do the traffic to the NAMBLA site - but after recent posts from local gay activists, it is obvious that most people have no idea of the many layers of the gay subculture. They think it's just Bob and Jim in tuxedos at a gay wedding, wanting to be accepted like any other married couple. It pisses me off. Especially when a fat, 53 year old exhibitionist priest says he's naked because he sweats a lot.

  4. NAMBLA needs to be exposed for the pedophiles they are. The high society, elite, perverse homosexuals who masquerade as top notch citizens are nothing more than disgusting, repulsive, child torturers and rapists.


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