Thursday, August 09, 2007

Let's go skinny-jogging Father!

Back to original nakedness?

A priest was recently arrested for jogging naked one morning before sunsrise. (Story here) The 53 year old priest told the arresting officers that he sweats a lot... so... I guess being naked... helps?


  1. Well, back in ancient Greece, the athletes competed while naked. Is the good Father Greek? Perhaps he has been influenced by ancient art?

    Perhaps he thought he was David, but with arms?

    I'm sure all the athletes that weren't statues in museums sweated a lot, too.

  2. My father once was member of a the Chgo Athletic Club in Shytown, and remember a young female teen having to go throught the "women's entrance" to meet him. He gave me a tour and then we came upon the swimming area and I was shocked everyone was swimming naked. At that very moment, I was grateful I wasn't born a male! But here it was the rule & expect ... and I don't think I was suppose to have seen the pool either.

    Anyway, this priest was so foolish. Did it not even cross his mind that this might happen and to even think to run nake around a "high school" track given all that the Church has been through these past few years.

    But equally think it is nuts that this would be classified as a "sex" crime.

  3. I think there is probably an underlying sexual component in his behavior. Jogging shorts are not that inhibitive.

  4. No Jeffrey, it is me - naked as a jailbird.


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