Friday, June 24, 2022

With Persecution Besides


I think Catholics can expect some backlash after today's decision.  Perhaps a lot of backlash.

It's amazing to me how many Catholics really probably supported Roe v. Wade, or at least believed it was a woman's choice to make, between she and her doctor.  I definitely thought the admittance to Holy Communion was between she and her bishop, I wasn't sure about the former.

Either way - I'm against abortion, I consider it the worst form of abuse and murder.


  1. My pastor, at daily Mass yesterday, announced the ruling. He said he talked to local priests, and they think it is possible that we are in for acts of violence, vandalism, and disruption against Catholics and our churches. He did not want to alarm us, but he said to be careful. And if we are approached by pro-choicers, to be patient and kind in the face of anger and hate. And to be careful. I am happy, too, Terry at the overturning of Roe v. Wade. But we have to remember that while we have won the battle, the war continues.

    1. I agree - we need to be watchful and know that this victory will be costly.

    2. And the people who wanted this outcome must step up. If we do not support pro-family policy, legislation, well, we're everything the pro-choicers say we are -- pro-fetus, but uncaring after birth.

      I think the timing of this decision is God's way of not letting Pro-Life, Inc. get too big for its britches. It's likely now that GOP candidates will suffer at the midterms, and I suspect it's now next to impossible for a GOP candidate to win in 2024. The comeuppance to those gloating on Twitter, et al., is going to be President Kamala Harris. Let that marinate for a bit.

      The right has had five decades to support policy and legislation that support families, mothers and children. They've failed utterly for half a century. Well, now they darned well better step up. If a person is gloating over this decision, but refuses to support paid leave, universal healthcare, and anti-NIMBYism pro-affordable housing efforts, well...God sees you. He sees the hypocrisy. This is not a win for you.

    3. ~N. - thank you for your comment. A sobering wake up call, to be sure.

  2. I just read The Pope who would be King & now am reading The Pope at War. Both solidly researched by David Kertzer. The later discloses secret archive material Francis recently allowed scholars access to. For the first time in my long life I understand how and why many hate us. Plus IX was first Pope to define in Catholic theology when life begins. He condemned abortion. He also condemned many of the liberties we hold sacred like freedom of speech, democratic government, freedom of the press. Participating in any was a mortal sin. Plus XIi thought silence and political diplomacy would temper Hitler. I think Francis understands how flawed the Church has been. How it has cooperated in death more then life. Good luck getting the zealots to give anyone anything. The forces of oligarchy are all in on keeping the benefits at the top. I am sorry to say, just like a so many previous Popes. I have written this before, and am more certain then ever, I value my faith and love my Church, but have lost faith in much of what it is doing to reward the rich and punish the poor.


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