Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Spring is here

I saw a group of 5 robins this morning.  They were on the hill across the street, which faces south and the lawn was exposed.  They were eating or harvesting material for nests.  I've never seen them in groups like that before.

When I went online, FB messaged me that my account was restricted due to a meme I post a long time ago, which they found offensive.  It was a joke.  They also didn't like a gif from 3rd Rock that I posted of Dick choking Mary.  I signed onto MeWe for now.  It's a blessing to be censored from FB, I recently deleted my Tumblr account as well.  I still have Twitter, but do not use it much.  Social media is the Big Brother of our age, so it is better not to allow oneself to be so enslaved to it.  

Cancel culture and censorship is nothing new - it is simply the manner in which it is executed these days, and by whom.  The Church and Christian denominations have always performed this function.  Excommunication, interdict, the index of forbidden books, and so on.  Other denominations have the tradition of shunning and other types of sanction.  Christian communities always had their outcasts whom they marginalized and excluded.  Of course, the same dynamic is seen in parishes, religious groups, and among 'friends' - who will unfriend someone for a simple disagreement.  Today secular entities have assumed that role - in a concerted effort to control behavior, enforce social standards, and achieve a level of thought conformity.

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