Monday, February 22, 2021

Checking in after nearly a month.

I've been on FB, only posting rather neutral posts, so as to remain at peace.  Sort of.

I intend to keep this blog and will continue to post, I just have entered a strange silent phase.  I keep thinking of the prophecy, 'the hearts of many will be revealed.'  That's what we do online.  But why?

I don't want to argue or defend my point of view and opinion on this or that.  I know who and what I am and I have faith in God.

Today is the Chair of Peter and I am so grateful we have a Pope - Pope Francis.  I am so grateful to be Catholic.

I just don't have much to say these days.

Abba Moses said: “The one who makes a show of his good works and publicizes them is like the one who threw seeds on the ground, ‘and the fowls of the air came and devoured them up’ [Matt 13:4]. But the one who conceals his way of life is as one who sows in a furrow in the ground and who will reap an abundant harvest.

I probably never should have written so much.


  1. Terry - as someone who has a Franciscan heart, I am sure you know that even that most congenial, outgoing of men - our good St. Francis - often and regularly went off to live as a hermit for weeks at a time, in order to maintain his peace and more importantly, to be alone with God. And there isn't anything at all wrong with that. In fact, it is admirable. I know you wholeheartedly follow God's leadership in your life. I miss you when you don't post, since I like to hear what you have to say and I appreciate your outlook on our Faith, but if this is what God calls you to do, you *must* do as He wishes! If God wanted a party boy like St. Francis to stop his life and listen quietly, why shouldn't He ask to same of you or any of the rest of us! You have had a hard year, as have many of us, and I think it is a splendid thing to be comforted by our loving Father. But don't be silent for too long, dear Terry - I miss you when you are gone! Peace and all good - Susan, TOF

  2. Susan, what is in my heart in response to this very Lenten post from Terry are the very words you said here.
    Terry, please just reread what Susan wrote, and add my name to hers at the end.
    Amen. And a fruitful Lent to all who are led to this place. Blessings and HOPE.

  3. Dear Terry, you may never know how God has used your thoughts to open hearts and lives to His grace, especially those who are trying to figure out that they are, in fact, loved in their brokenness. God uses and transforms all things in His grace, so don't look back with regret on what you have written. Thank you for being His instrument in whatever humble way He allows. I know you have been that for me. Blessings and peace to your loving heart.


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