Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Speaking of discernment.

Pope Francis tells journalists: "to inform the audience of an event and to distinguish these facts from narrative...

"It is extremely easy to move from the facts to narrative," he said, "and this damages the news industry. It's important to stick to the facts."
Pope Francis said the Catholic Church and its media are not exempt from that danger. "Within the church, when there is a fact, it goes around the corner, and then it gets adorned, it gets embellished. Everyone adds their own contribution, and not even in bad faith."
But "the mission of the journalist is to always stick to the facts: 'The facts are these. My interpretation is this. I was told this.' It distinguishes you from the storyteller." - CNS

Yep.  Good advice. 

Lifesite, CM, The Remnant, many blogs and social media aggregates should take the advice to heart.  One of the most misleading practises is editorializing headliner-links, like Canon 212 does.   Echoing the Holy Father, I would say, especially regarding the sites I mention here: "Everyone adds their own contribution" oftentimes even in bad faith.  It's opinion and unverified claims and gossip - presented as fact.  It's deceptive and manipulative.

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  1. Timely and wise advise from Pope Francis. So much is going on both publically and privately. I just read Robert Moynihan's latest Vatican letter and it has upset me. He writes about the anti Francis forces as mainly orthodox Catholics who are looked down on by Francis and his advisors. Schism is the bottom line in this letter. The upcoming Synod on the Amazon is front and center. At first I thought this was strange to have an environmental concern causing schism. Then I recalled it has to do with allowing married priests in the Amazon region. Moynihan seems to think this will be the proverbial straw that causes the break. I am so very tired of all the drama. Extremes hurts ones spiritual life like politics hurts patriotism.


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