Thursday, August 15, 2019

In memoriam.


  1. Now I feel old. It was the summer after my Hidh School Graduation. I was in Scotland with my parents. When I came home it was what everyone was talking about. Woodstock is about five hours from where I grew up and have livedmy live. I went onto college and Arlo Guthrie was my first concert that year. They tried to do an anniversary concert for Woodstock this year but it fell apart. There can only be one.

    1. I was listening to music from the event last night - there is a lyric from Crosby,Still, Nash 'Wooden Ships' "who won the war?" And I always said, 'we did' meaning that counter-cultural movement was indeed revolutionary and created the culture - or lack of it morally - we have today. In those days at concerts I used to say, 'if only life could be like this' since everyone was high, accepting of one another, and so on. The drug induced deception seemed to emulate a sense of spiritual ecstasy, or a state of peace. It was mind altering, to be sure - and 'free-love' and all it encompasses became legal.


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