Saturday, January 12, 2019


I quit watching EWTN.


  1. The only show I really watch anymore on EWTN is The World Over. I find Mr. Arroyo to be the only person currently on EWTN who isn't drinking the "Everything is fine, nothing to see in Rome, move on" Kool Aide. Everyone else on the network seem to be scared to death to even come close to criticizing the Dictator Pope for the damage he is doing to the Church and to souls. EWTN radio is even worse! Also, their production quality it terrible! They need to seriously update their programming.

    1. "to be scared to death to even come close to criticizing the Dictator Pope"

      Arroyo must not be influential enough then if EWTN folks are too "scared" to dismiss our Papa the way he does.

      Of course, those of us who support our Holy Father are dismissed as well ... accused of drinking the so-called kool-aid, accused of living in a bubble "adoring the pope." I do neither. Instead, I pray for him, I entrust him daily to our Lady and to St. Joseph, I also remember to pray for folks like you who are almost always on the defensive with never a positive word of support or encouragement towards our Holy Father. He presses onward though regardless of such vitriol.
      He knows his is a call to all those who are lost and in need of Christ.

      Dictator? Please ... nothing could be further from the truth!

      D - DESIRES that we come to know Jesus on a personal level.

      I - teaches us we can know God the Father on an INTIMATE level.

      C - CHARITY reigns when it comes to Papa Francis's love of the poor, the lost.

      T - speaks of the TENDERNESS of Mary. Reminds us to draw close to Mary always.

      A - Papa Francis reminds us to put our faith in ACTION - love of neighbor.

      T - Calls us all to embrace the TRUTH of who Jesus is in the sacraments.

      O - Oracion always! Prayer, prayer and more prayer is Papa's call to us all.

      R - The ROSARY! Papa Francis is said to pray it daily. Let's follow his lead.

      Papa is doing just fine ...

  2. AB - I think you have missed the point of this post.

    Pee Wee Arroyo.

    I am actually very sad about EWTN. It was instrumental in helping me return to the Church, But they are completely off the rails now. They have become the anti-Francis channel. I really do hope their local bishop does something about it.

  3. you own a TV?

    Must be nice...

  4. Arroyo has made EWTN a Fox News affiliate.

    1. I stopped watching EWTN years ago when Arroyo started in on Papa Francis. I like some folks on Fox news but avoid Arroyo and his side kick Laura. Don't care for Shep or Hannity or Carlson either.

      Anyway, it is raining cats and dogs here in Southern California! Thanks be to God for the rain but I am going up north tomorrow to visit my precious nephews in San Jose and San Francisco. Please pray for me to have a safe trip.


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