Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Big Tent Traditionalism?

I love this.  I posted it on FB with the caption
"I want to go back."
It was immediately misunderstood.

Bad title for a Catholic article.

The problem is that it is a political term adapted to describe the Church, in this case, Traditionalist Catholics.  It's been used before as an inclusive term for the Church - big tent Catholicism.  Along these lines, I suppose Mark Shea might call them Christianists, since the traditionalists would pretty much whole-heartily endorse Trump and his policies.  I don't want to get into the politics or the online feuds these topics arouse, but Pat Archbold's post fails right there in the title - Patrick's guide to big tent traditionalism - he's composed a guide to help guide people just waking up to the distress of this papacy (who) may not yet have realized how they got hereSteve Skojec recently complained how he gets heat for what he posts when in reality he's just trying to help people.  They all seem to feel a vocation to help people - help people reject the Pope, Magisterium, Novus Ordo, Vatican II, and embrace Traditionalism.

Does Archbold actually say that?  Does Skojec?  Kinda, sorta.  Steve says the Novus Ordo is a 'bad Mass' - I believe echoing an Emmerich prophecy.  While Archbold, in one of his guiding points says:
That's kind and generous of him.  He's wrong however.  Not one Pope has ever declared the Mass of St. Paul VI a bad Mass, nor have they declared the reformed liturgical rites as not good.  As Pope Benedict affirmed, it is the Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite.  All of these critics, the people who condemn the NO are people who have received the sacraments of the Novus Ordo - from sacraments of initiation to the sacrament of penance.  They probably still do in many cases.  To be sure, they must have received communion or adored the Blessed Sacrament confected in the Ordinary Form of Mass at one time or another?  Certainly there have been abuses and they may even continue in some places, but the Ordinary Form itself is not a 'bad Mass', or an evil rite.  When you read statements which claim the OF is a bad Mass, know that it is not authoritative and not Roman Catholic to make those claims.

I frequently post lovely traditional photos of the EF Mass, or especially edifying photos of receiving communion on the tongue, and when I do it's like people come out of the woodwork cheering and hoping 'I come back', as if I'm in another denomination.  When I say things "I want to go back" what I mean is that I want to fan into flame, in my heart, that 'early love' Jesus calls us to in the Book of Revelation.  "Return to your early love."

I grew up in the pre-Vatican II Church, and I learned Latin in the Latin Rite.  When I returned to the sacraments I returned to the Latin Rite, now known as the Ordinary Form.  I attended Mass at Assumption in St. Paul, MN.  In 1972, the Monsignor there never turned the altars around, he said the 'new Mass' but he did so in Latin.  When the Mass was said in the vernacular, it remained ad orientem.  It was the same Mass, without innovations.  At the time I wasn't educated to notice any reform.  I knelt for communion and received it on the tongue.  When I found out I could receive it on the hand, I was thrilled, and I did so with even greater devotion.

There is one Mass in two forms, or uses.  It is one Mass - the same Mass. We have one Faith, one Baptism, one Mass, one, holy, Catholic Church, and one reigning Pontiff as Vicar of Christ.  That is not exaggerating his importance, nor is it papalatrous to believe that.


  1. This is the great divide in the RC Church. Remember the resistance when "reforms" were initiated? What seems forgotten, or not understood at all is there is a very deep theological chasm between the two forms. The old rite is monarchical with an emphasis on the priest presenting the sacrifice and the congregation as witnesses. In those days you "heard" Mass. You followed along in your St Joseph's Missal. The "new" rite made you a participant. It was like attending the Last Supper vs being at the foot of Calvary. I love both forms. I feel both are valid and should be available to those who want it.

  2. I fully agree, Terry. I know those who attend the TLM are attending a licit, holy Mass, and I respect them as brother and sister Catholics. I have always attended the Novus Ordo Mass, which is also licit and holy. I am blessed indeed to belong to a parish where the Novus Ordo Mass is prayed with great devotion and reverence, and I look forward to every opportunity I have to attend. There is absolutely no need to belittle or degrade one for another, and it does a great disservice to the Church and to Jesus to insult one for another. It is not a competition.

  3. Ah, Terry, you know this subject is near and dear to my heart as I am a recovering traditionalist.

    Speaking of papalotry, I guess God the Father is guilty of this. St Catherine of Siena quoted The Father in her Dialogues as saying the following:

    “When He returned to Me, rising to Heaven from the conversation of men at the Ascension, He left you this sweet key of obedience; for as you know He left His vicar, the Christ, on earth, whom you are all obliged to obey until death, and whoever is outside His obedience is in a state of damnation, as I have already told you in another place.“

    1. That's all I need to know in my continued prayer-filled support of Papa Francis.

      One more thing ... our Lord Jesus Christ is present in every tabernacle, in every church, the world over, whether it be NO or Trad.

      The Mass is the Mass no matter what these so- called Catholic "experts" claim otherwise.

      Viva Cristo Rey!

      Viva la Virgencita de Guadalupe!

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