Thursday, May 03, 2018

Voice of the Voiceless and the Freedom March and ex-Gays.

I did not know about these organizations.

Freedom March has made Pulse Nightclub survivor Luis Ruiz sort of a poster-boy for the ex-Gay movement.  Mr. Ruiz experienced a conversion experience after the terrorist shooting at the Pulse nightclub, and says he is no longer gay.
Ruiz shared this revelation just ahead of the Freedom March, to be held May 5 in Washington. The event bills itself as a “celebration of freedom from homosexuality and transgenderism. The event's organizers have partnered with Voice of the Voiceless, a religious group whose mission is “to defend the rights of former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction, and their families,” according to its website. - NBC
Works for me - and I will tell you why.

The man can choose not to act out on homosexual attraction.  He can make that choice.  He needs to prepare himself for trials, nonetheless.  As we all must, when we choose to follow Christ and live according to the Gospel.

The protests against Ruiz and those who identify as ex-gay is interpreted by gay people as a threat to their identity, their rights and the social acceptance they have attained.  They view conversion therapy as a threat and a dangerous procedure, especially when imposed by parents or institutions upon minors or individuals against their will, as was done in Franco's Spain or the Soviet Union and the UK.  I think modern 'conversion therapy' may be helpful to adults who are willing and financially able to engage in it, but it can never be mandated or considered as rehab.  I'm sure it works for some highly motivated people, but I often wonder if perhaps they were not all that gay to begin with.  I don't know.

Freedom March and movements such as Voice of the Voiceless strike me as a bit reactionary.  (As a political movement it is acceptable - but mixing politics and religious belief and psychology is a difficult mix to sell.) I know ex-gay stuff is highly criticized and 'conversion therapy' is controversial and lobbied against, as well as outlawed for minors - in California I think.  Again, I see the concern to outlaw it for minors, since it could screw kids up even more, but passing a law against it is likewise reactionary.  Just my opinion.  When it's a free-speech, freedom of religion issue, then it needs to be addressed, but it's going to be a big fight due to the fact the LGBTQ movement has struggled for decades to achieve the equality they have today.  Especially since  LGBTQ equality is pretty much part of the curriculum in public schools. 

“I survived because I believe God still had a purpose for me,” Ruiz said.

God bless Luis Ruiz, and prayers for his healing from the Pulse terror, as well as his perseverance in Christ.  All sorts of comments are popping up on Facebook against him and the group which adopted him.  They are against saying anything bad gay life, or even describing it as a lifestyle, and so on.  The very idea of renouncing gay social life, same-sex sexual behavior and romance, is as I said threatening to gay people, especially the young, who just came out or have begun to live independently on their own.  They are 'happy' - which is all anyone wants for their kids and their friends anyway.  Why make problems to fix something that is no longer considered something to fix?  Just saying - that's the popular mindset - I'm just trying to explain why the backlash against people who say they are no longer gay.

Yet no one is stopping anyone from following Christ and the Gospel/Catholic-teaching.  No one is stopping a man or woman from identifying themselves an ex-gay or celibate person who was at one time same-sex attracted.  Repentance for sins committed and conversion of manners is what Christ calls us to.  Everyone faces trials and resistance from the world, the flesh and the Devil when we do that.  Scripture warns us, prepare yourselves for trials.
Christopher Doyle, co-founder of Voice of the Voiceless, told NBC News this weekend's event is "about celebrating our lives and not hating the LGBTQ movement."
"We made a conscious choice to leave homosexuality, and we should be able to do that without being mocked," Doyle wrote in an email. - NBCNews

Yeah, well.  Good luck with that.  Just saying.

What is it with religious people who don't expect to be mocked and scorned, rejected and persecuted?  Preaching about the transformative power of Jesus Christ is wonderful and true.  Not everyone can or will accept it.

The world will mock you.
The flesh will tempt you.
The Devil will deceive you
-and try to convince you you are a saint. 
It's also important to remember, at least for Catholics, something Pope Benedict once said:

"I feel it is helpful to reaffirm that the Church does not impose but rather freely proposes the Catholic faith ..." - Pope Benedict XVI

In conclusion.

When a man changes his life or renounces a former way of life for love of Christ, this is often part of his decision making...

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" - Mark 8:36

For "life is so short, the path leading to eternal life so narrow, and I know the just man is scarcely saved, while the things of the world are vain and deceitful, and all comes to an end and fails like falling water. The time is uncertain, the accounting strict, perdition very easy and salvation most difficult... My life has vanished, I know well I must render an account of everything - from the beginning of my life as well as this later part - unto the last penny, when God will search Jerusalem with lighted candles, and it is already late - the day far spent - to remedy so much evil and harm..." - St. John of the Cross


  1. "Preaching about the transformative power of Jesus Christ is wonderful and true. Not everyone can or will accept it."

    A venerable truth indeed but blessed are those who persevere for the sake of The Name ... may heaven be theirs.

    Prayers for all concerned.

    p.s. Terry, I am still thinking about that email I sent you yesterday ... about what Fr. G said regarding "the time of Mercy is short."
    It then came to mind about the many who were caught unawares when the flood waters came upon the face of the earth, how so many were screaming for their lives while trying not to drown ... let's keep praying for all so that many will be saved by turning to Christ before we are all lost.

    1. That's very good of you to mention that. It's so important to pray now for those suffering for the Name and that others become aware of the time of mercy. That's what it is about, isn't it. Thanks Yaya.

    2. Yaya is referring to this:


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