Monday, April 30, 2018

This is good.

What did the Pope really say about, you know, all of that?

Mark Mallet created a rather good reference page on what the Holy Father has said about key issues which critics have made claims he desires to change Catholic teaching on.  Again, I believe the reformers of the reform along with many other Tradsters, who were hoping that Pope Benedict would be the one to restore the kingdom of pre-Vatican II papal grandeur and liturgical rites, are actually the ones creating the most confusion.  But I digress.  (My opinion means nothing of course, uneducated and steeped in sin since birth as I am.  Vatican groupies, professional students and radio commentators, who follow elderly, traditionalist prelates and would-be royal-pretenders, obviously know much more than I do.)

I'm not a subscriber or follower of Mark Mallet but for a charismatic prophecy type of guy, he seems very balanced and faithful.  Anyway, check out Mallet's 'reference page' on the Holy Father's statements, which demonstrates that he truly is a faithful son of the Church - and the Pope,

Mark Mallet: Pope Francis on ...


  1. I read about this on Mr. Dave Armstrong's page. I am glad there are those who do come to the defense of our Holy Father when he is accused of heresy when IN FACT he has not committed any at all.

    I am aware too that many will pooh-hoo the articles and the links because it does not fit their narrative of bashing our Holy Father.

    Anyway, thanks Terry. Let's keep Papa in prayer and everyone else on both sides of the Catholic aisle.

    1. The Holy Father really reminds me of St. Pius V who reformed the Church at the time and was considered to be severe and one might assume - dictatorial. I read he eliminated the 'court jester' as one of his first cutbacks at the time.


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